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  1. My mum is moving house at the end of the month,has Sky(entertainment i think), what can you offer ?

  2. Any codes left? I am looking for the full package (including sports and movies), sky fibre unlimited, HD channels and a further 2 boxes for 2 bedrooms! I am with virgin but my contract runs out next month and I am seriously considering coming back to sky if the price is right! The thing that's putting me off sky is the £79 upfront cost! If you've got any deals that would also get you vouchers then I would be delighted!

  3. Hi DrFunke,

    I was looking for some advice.

    Do you still work for Sky?

    My Sky deal runs out in May and reverts to full price which I cannot afford.

    Was wondering how to get a good deal for existing customer?


    Thanks in advance





    1. DrFunke


      The old advice of call and put in your cancellation. If u dont get offered half price then the second u get cut off after 30 days u will have a half price offer ready if u sign bk up which they just turn it all back on


    2. Rendo74


      Thanks Mate,

      I heard stories of 75% off. Does that actually happen or is 50% best deal going?




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