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  1. Hate posts like this...full of logic and sensible footballing opinion ;)
  2. I hear you, but we havent looked much like conceeding, i know its early days but feel confident we wont conceed 2 without scoring.
  3. Its about negotiating 2 legs in Europe. So a 0-0 is fine by me. We need to remember aswell there is a game on sunday to prepare for straight after this one. Early goal kills the tie.
  4. Just a nod folks to an offer i have for new sky customers ... - £40 for Complete TV - £58 for TV and Broadband Unlimited - £65 for TV and Fibre Unlimited £79.00 £40.00 18 month contract, Sky Q box included. Drop me a DM for a code for you, friends or family :) needs booked by thursday
  5. For those who dont understand fitness at that level, really showed the difference in things such as stamina, cardio, conditioning etc. Punk was fucked after a few mins, yet can do a gruelling 45 minute wrestling match. Totally different animals
  6. I despair listening to folk go on about how we would have half a chance if we drew Sevilla. Fuck me. Get a grip of yourselves.
  7. I imagine this is a pisstake...would be a stupid amount to spend.
  8. Goin to be another horsing off of them with Lego strutting about the pitch in his lycra bike shorts
  9. My mum is moving house at the end of the month,has Sky(entertainment i think), what can you offer ?

  10. That time of year again folks, Got some codes for Sky TV for new customers...Full Package (Boxsets, Sports and Cinema) plus a sky Q 1 or 2TB box, £40 a month. Just DM me for a code. Hopefully help a few bears out :)
  11. what had Brenda won in his career (at a decent level)
  12. Pedro is a lovely guy, but we dont need a lovely guy as a manager....Walter Smith told the board go and get McInnes and they went to the Qatar league instead.... Id happily take McLeish on a deal till end of the season and see how we get on, but he will need money to bring in some bodies in January.
  13. won a trip to london with the family through work to see the new episode at 2pm on monday and also attend thronecast ...all expenses paid. I dont actually watch GOT, so anyone wanna sum whats going on for me in a few lines :P From Facebook and various memes, it seems a dragons been killed, that Jon Snow and the blonde are doing well, and a night king has thrown a javelin...
  14. Pena against Hibs was a shocking substituion....yes he was stripped before the 3rd goal but as soon as that went in Pedro shouldve sat him back on the bench and used a different option. I dont know what game people were watching, but from GF6 he looked fucking lost, and just roamed about not really getting involved. Poor game to involve him... Herrera, maybe he is fit, but god help us then as he is slow as fuck, wins some flick ons...but thats it.
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