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  1. Also @Virtuoso Just to confirm, the Board have came out and advised all shareholders to vote against the resolution, because as said, their legal team have confirmed its utter nonsense.
  2. Jeez oh.... ? that's horrible news. RIP. ?
  3. If the boot was on the other foot then i would have wanted us to lose at Hibs and i would most certainly want us to lose at the weekend. No conspiracy for me. Horrible management decisions is the reason we are where we are.
  4. I think this is wrong. I believe its 50% total of the voting rights which means its only 16% of other shares. The Close Bros things.....well feck me gently.
  5. http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sqf5he?new_post=true I do like to keep this up to date and I have found 2 new and crucial pieces of evidence to show after 54 titles, we're still going strong. Please share far and wide folks. 1) The first reference I should point to is that HM Revenue and Customs, during the sale process, released the following statement. "A liquidation provides the best opportunity to protect taxpayers, by allowing the potential investigation and pursuit of possible claims against those responsible for the company’s financial affairs in recent years. A C
  6. Murty needs his baws toed for having Niko, Hodson and Hererra anywhere near the bench. A complete waste of time and would be much better with youth than that pile of shite. Hererra especially. 3 pre season games, he couldnt even score in the warm up. And thats the gods honest truth. Not 1 goal from that Pedro training exercise. Useless piece of shite.
  7. People making all sorts of excuses blaming injuries and Brighton and the eclipse of the moon. It's really quite simple in my opinion. The well is getting close to dry. We don't have millions to fork out. I actually think it's a brilliant move we haven't paid a few. But it's not through any sense of good business on our Boards part. It's simply that these guys in their current state can't take us any further forward. Welcome to the club Jamie.
  8. Foderingham 8 Tavernier 9 Bates 8 Wilson 8 John 7 Kranjcar 1 McCrorie 6 Holt 7 Windass 5 Morelos 7 Candeias 8 Others Pena 1 Herrera 0 (Big sack of useless spuds) Alves 0 (Shitebag)
  9. Very true. 0 good passes in the first half. 2 good passes in the 2nd. Defo better as it went on.
  10. Madden apologised to Andy Halliday after the Hibs red card a few seasons back that he got wrong.
  11. Stokes should have walked twice in that game. The first one was ridiculous. No doubt about it in my mind. Doesnt change my opinion though. Hibs had a stick on penalty the other week. We got away with it. Collum gave a penalty against us last season that was 2 yards outside the box. It went against us. Ross County player deliberately dived against the manks and got a penalty that was as bad as ive seen in years. Shit happens.
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