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  1. Some reading for anyone interested on Resolution 12 https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sr8gdt
  2. I wish i knew how to upload something of that size online without getting caught so it could be out there and he makes £5 instead of £500 in total. If anyone has a link to a dodgy copy then i would like a read even although i know it will be pish after pish after pish......just as it was from the very start.
  3. In those 4 games, by a country mile, the decision count went against us in every one of them. Is that fair ? Defo not. Is that acceptable ? Defo not. Do i believe the refs or officials set out to do it ? Defo not. I will say however that despite my views and what i say on bias etc, the only game that has made me uncomfortable about my views or certainly peaked my interest was ironically the CP game we won. That tested my resolve and im not sure if you saw the video that was pulled together with multiple incidents identified.
  4. I dont watch any of their games unless its v us. But i hear colleagues and others in the pub etc moaning just as much as i moan about our decisions. The one thing i do know is that the Stats prove 100% there is no bias against celtic so im readily available to shoot down anyone shouting conspiracy on their side. But they genuinely believe the refs and SFA are out to stop 10 in a row at all costs. And we have the above saying the refs and SFA are out to give them 10 at all costs. PS - I dont agree with it being shite reffing or utter incompetence. I am 100% of the opinion that officia
  5. I get as frustrated at these things as the next guy but it doesnt change my view there is no wide conspiracy. As an example, i believe Buffalo was lucky to stay on the park during the Beaton game last year. Then i dont think he should have been sent off against Motherwell or Aberdeen. We get away with some things and we are on the bad side of others. Its easy to remember the bad ones and overlook the ones we get away with. Same with the other mob.
  6. Sorry to say but there is no wide conspiracy to stop us winning anything. Ive said it loads of times that for every rant above from a Rangers fan, you will see the same rant naming the same refs by celtic fans. They think all refs are Rangers supporting Masons and "we" think all refs are celtic supporters. Its just nonsense to be honest. Refereeing and being a linesman is an incredibly difficult job, especially the speed things happen at. It is 100% humanly impossible to call tight offside decisions correctly. The vast majority of the time, its a gut feeling from the linesman and ess
  7. Also @Virtuoso Just to confirm, the Board have came out and advised all shareholders to vote against the resolution, because as said, their legal team have confirmed its utter nonsense.
  8. Its UEFAs rules as opposed to being a law. In the past they have looked at what is deemed acceptable in a country either through football or political. The NI football authorities stated recently the Billy Boys was now completely unnaceptable which is why Linfield were done with it in 2016ish. In a decision which UEFA indicated that changing the words completely or even a little did not alter the meaning or intention behind the song. So as an extreme example, even if Gers fans sung the Edu song to the same tune or whistled it with no words, then UEFA would consider it equally as bad as
  9. King playing a blinder here. Everybody blaming everybody else BUT the guy in ultimate control. HTC
  10. Everybody missing the real point here. Glasgow Rangers has an Under 20s coach as our manager sanctioned by Rangers men who are backed, funded and heralded by clueless knob heads. Bring out the rat masks and bed sheets.
  11. Sums the mentality of others on here that even when nobody said we are should write him off and shouldnt have been working with him, that some can think someone said that just because they said he is shit on the ground and wont make it at Hamburg.
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