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  1. Lets win the game with without the need to shout for Penalties. We are good enough to do so, and to have an article on this is bordering paranoia, and bows to their level of insecurity.
  2. Run to Walter and Ally. Hug them. Give Lennon a head butt. And then run upto the directors box. Smack rod Stewart and then do penny Stewart doggy on the pitch. Then score another
  3. Pull my flute out my sock play the sash. And lift my shirt to reveal a bjk tshirt
  4. Try not to read to much into GIP... It is still pleasurable I would say
  5. When did we become friends? lol

  6. This is a scam!! Has tried the same thing on FF and BBC 606.
  7. Lennon shouting fucking cheat and now their fans throwing lighters. Scum
  8. Love it. Walker is beeeeelin Establishment strikes again
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