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  1. the medals i ordered turned up today thank you very much they are brilliant


    i now have to send 1 to my son in los angeles he knows nothing about them so will get a big surprise


    thanks again



  2. Sorry folks, Those medals are only available to existing season 20/21 RM Erskine Fund members. Tune in next season for more exclusive Fund Member offers.
  3. This was the only message box I saw. 

  4. money sent for,no's 12,34,35 mate

  5. Hi bud did u keep my season ticket numbers?   If so wont be goin thursday so feel free to use them.

  6. Hi bud these are my ticket numbers for thursdays game .Rangers number 000500095340 smartcard no 037005, seat no se4 D 0095. Rangers number  000500434522. Smartcard no 037007 seat no se4 D 0094 turnstile 28-29. If you can keep these numbers i will let you know when we will not be goin to games so that they can be used.

  7. £5 donation sent by telephone banking,cheers.

  8. GB not been on for a while mate, could you PM details for me to make a donation.



  9. just transferred £20 to your bank a/c for the erskine fund  dont like using paypal

    please let me know you got it ok



  10. Did ye get tenner bud?

  11. Why have you reported me   ??? .  I am a member .  :-) .

        OnslowDriver .

  12. Rite Boss,  that's me pledged by Pay Pal.

    It's Tagged RM Blue Sheep.

  13. GB I need a brick mate . In a specific place .Already have one .

    I would like one ,just outside area I have my ST . It has to be at top of Johnny Hubbard panel .Govan front

    I have photo but it's too large to send .It's saying on here

    Can you help me here mate . I would part with cash on Friday ??

  14. Hi GB, another donation made. Good work mate, you're doing a great job.

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