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  1. Sounds good. I've found another game that's worth a punt today, so I'll go a fiver for every goal from The Rangers. Now all we need is someone to go a pound per yard for Roofe's shot and we're minted!
  2. Yeah but auctions are different from bonusballs. This shirt urgently needs a new loving owner who will give it a good home, a good frame, and some good company.
  3. Sounds great - as long as me and @Zetland don't have to do anything whatsoever. You've had more than enough excitement for one week! @BonusBall will return when the time is right. Mind you, we might have an item for auction before then.
  4. Hopefully that won't be necessary. I expect a few Members will be steaming tomorrow night and will sign up for anything!
  5. P is definitely McGregor... "He made his first team debut in February 2002 in a Scottish Cup match against Forfar Athletic and his Scottish Premier League debut against Aberdeen aged 20. McGregor did not play a single minute of competitive football during the 2002–03 season, being an unused substitute in every match of Rangers' Treble success. The following season, McGregor made six appearances, twice in the Scottish League Cup and four times in the league." Not listed on wiki squad page, because he didn't notch up any appearances that season.
  6. What would you do without me? O
  7. Me again. I think I can confidently confirm that G & H are both Claudio Caniggia The end of the sig is quite different from usual, but you can still find bits that match. But the first letter is very distinctive, and the clincher is the shirt number (7
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