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  1. And here's Broxi's Bonus... £555.55 donated to BRAVEHOUND from the Members of the Champion's Erskine Fund.
  2. And here's Broxi's Bonus... £555.55 donated to BRAVEHOUND from the Members of the Champion's Erskine Fund.
  3. @Zetland I'll send my donation on pay day. Please add me to the Pledged List for now.
  4. @govanblue Likes this. I'll add a few words here later, but I think @Zetland has pretty much nailed it there.
  5. Malky's funeral service is today (3pm Linn Crematorium) Prior to that, the funeral procession will arrive at Ibrox around 2:20pm to lay a wreath in Malky's memory and probably say a few words. If I were to say a few words, I think they would simply be: Aye Ready, Rest Easy
  6. I was saddened to hear of the recent tragic passing of Big Malky McPherson. A legend amongst the Rangers Family, he will be sorely missed by all the Bears who knew him. There's a nice thread on followfollow with some great stories about Malky, and the kind of guy he was... https://www.followfollow.com/forum/threads/rip-big-malky-mcpherson-grapes-bar.168428/ Malky wasn't an online type of guy, but he does still have a connection to RangersMedia - every one of the many hundreds of commemorative medals we sold to RM Members over the last 8 years were received and carefully looked after by Malky before they got to me, to get to you. Thanks Malky, much appreciated! Rest in Peace Big Malky. Glad you got to see 55, but sorry you won't be around for 56 & beyond.
  7. the medals i ordered turned up today thank you very much they are brilliant


    i now have to send 1 to my son in los angeles he knows nothing about them so will get a big surprise


    thanks again



  8. Sorry folks, Those medals are only available to existing season 20/21 RM Erskine Fund members. Tune in next season for more exclusive Fund Member offers.
  9. All delivered. Erskine Park pass on their thanks once again to all RangersMedia Erskine Fund Members for their continued support. They'll send us some photos next week.
  10. And then, because Erskine Park Home have had the most horrible year imaginable - (losing half their residents to Covid for starters!) we decided that they deserved a little bit extra this Christmas... Erskine Park - Bonus Booze: 1 litre Bells Whisky 1 litre Smirnoff Vodka 1 litre Bacardi Rum 1 litre Gordon's Pink Gin 1 litre Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry 2 litres Woodpecker cider (a nice gentle 3%) Erskine Park Soft drinks: 30 bottles of Becks Blue 0% Beer (some of the older gents do like a whisky chaser, and the 0% is enough for them to enjoy it, without them falling over afterwards!) 4 litres Diet Coke 2 litres Diet Irn Bru 2 litres Irn Bru 2 litres diet lemonade 2 litres Lilt 2 litres Ginger Beer 2 litres Dandelion & Burdock (ask your Gran!) Erskine Park Bonus sweets: 2 tubs of Quality Street 2 Pouches of Quality Street 2 boxes Milk Tray 1 box Fox's Biscuit Selection 2 boxes shortbread fingers 2 packs of Jaffa cakes 2 boxes of Matchmakers 2 boxes Peppermint Creams 1 box jelly babies 1 box wine gums 1 box liqourice allsorts 24 bags quavers 24 bags wotsits a bucketload of assorted soft sweets. and one very very soft Paddington Bear, which I think will make a great addition to the Erskine Park Sensory room. All I need to do now is deliver it, and that will be job done.
  11. And while I'm there, I can drop off some goody bags... We've made up 8 of these goodie bags, 1 for each of the 6 houses in Erskine Bishopton, 1 for Erskine Park, and 1 for Erskine Glasgow. Each bag contains: 1 litre Whyte & Mackay Whisky 1 litre Gordons Gin 1 bottle of white wine 1 bottle of red wine 1 box Shortbread assortment 1 box Lebkuchen selection 2 packs jammie dodgers 2 packs party rings 1 bag Mars mini assortment 1 box turkish delight chocolate thins 1 box after dinner mint chocolate thins 1 bag jelly tots 4 packs of fruit pastilles 1 pack of extra strong mints 2 packs love hearts 1 pack drumstick chews 1 bag cola bottles 1 bag milk bottles 1 bag white chocolate drops Here they are packed...
  12. Next up, I believe Erskine Park fancied some Fish & Chips... I'll pop over shortly and drop off the cash. It's only 100 miles round trip, and I don't start work till 5pm, so I should be fine. Nothing better to do on Christmas Eve anyway.
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