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  1. April 1975 v Airdrie, with John Greig riding around the pitch in a chariot after stopping the peados winning 10 in a row.
  2. Morelos 10 mins. I’ll pay the postage to Miami.
  3. Alex Miller at the Big Jock Knew Camp. I was there.....................
  4. Nobody knows where John Doyle has gone, McNeil should’ve left the same time........
  5. Mario Kempes and Rainer Bonhof of Valencia. I was at both games.
  6. Just boarded flight to Madrid then onto London We had the Plymouth true blues flag hanging up down the bottom section until the cunts made us take it down.
  7. Loads here already! There's a twitter post of the advanced party (me and my mate) arriving at Porto airport with the Plymouth loyal flag. I'm so glad I made the long haul.....................It's been way too long!
  8. I was in the Centenary stand that night, absolute bedlam. My first ever European away game was the next round against PSV.
  9. Managed to get tickets right beside the Rangers section. We’ll have a Plymouth true blues flag 😊
  10. Sitting at heathrow getting ready for the 11.20 to Lisbon, short layover and then off to Porto.
  11. I remember back in the 70’s there was a guy who sold “pope on a rope” soap bars outside Ibrox 😬 They were about twice the size of an egg, and the rope was a noose around the cunts neck. 😁
  12. Last game for me was Feyenoord away, got tickets for their section, ..fucking insane! Ran a gauntlet through the concourse after we scored as all he’ll had broke loose, and eventually got through the door into no-mans land and then into the Rangers section. Don’t have tickets for Porto either, but I’ve no doubt we’ll get in. We always find a way.
  13. Leave here on Sunday Chicago - Heathrow Heathrow- Madrid Madrid - Porto Tuesday til Friday in Porto. It’ll have cost me over $6000 by the time I’m back in the US.
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