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  1. Chicago to Newcastle for the pre-season tournament a few years ago.
  2. I was lucky enough to be at both games. 1st ever European away game as a 13 year old. Went on the Clarkston bus, remember it left from a hotel/pub beside a big roundabout. Remember some real characters on that bus, wee Alan (Gallus wee guy who sold UDA/UVF badges outside the Centenary stand) Big Alan (hilarious tall guy who was in the Black skull FB) and big Gary Lynch (RIP) Great days.....
  3. Dumbarton 1 Rangers 5 11th January 1975. Remember walking through a park to get to the ground. Felt 10ft tall with my new scarf!
  4. Pair of shades and he could front ELO.
  5. 11th January 1975, Dumbarton 1 Rangers 5. First European game was v St Etienne (0-2) November '75. First Euro away game was PSV 2 Rangers 3 1st November '78 (my old man's mate got a tattoo of the date and result when our bus stopped for the usual 12hrs in London on the way home)
  6. We'll more than likely be in Cartagena (Las Americas or a hotel in the walled city) for New year. First trip to Colombia was Bogota about 9 years ago on business. Ended up in a club called Extasis .and gave a hooker a Rangers top as part payment. Missed my flight and got home 2 days later.................
  7. I'll let you know next time I head over. Definitely going to be in Barranquilla for New Year.
  8. Where in Colombia are you amigo? My bird lives in Barranquilla, so I'm there about 3 times a year. Been to Bogota, Medellin and Cartagena many times. Love the place.
  9. Pretty much as expected. The usual channel 4 shite about us being liquidated, blah blah blah. Footage from previous Hampden finals against the peados showed trouble in the Rangers end (looked like the late sixties) as well as us running the fenian bastards on the pitch at the 1980 cup final (I was there!) Traynor stuck up for us. Recently made program as there was a good few minutes footage of this years game at the BigJockKnewCamp.
  10. Anywhere that has FOX soccer channel (most places do)
  11. As posted earlier, the '76 semi final against Motherwell. Atmosphere was brilliant that night. The final against Hearts is a close second as it was my first final, I was in the Hearts end as a 10 year old with my old man who was so smashed he could barely stand up. The 1980 final was fun other than the result. I was lucky to be at the '79 Drybrough cup final too.
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