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  1. A perfect fit for them, 2 faced, talks shite, contradicting, self worshiping, egotistical, condescending fuckpig Sadly knows how to get a team winning, more than ever I hope we can stop them getting the treble, feels dirty typing that, sorry Horrible people who unfortunately have similarly minded horrible people in positions of power, Savco cunts
  2. Only turned it on when I saw they were losing btw Can't look at or listen to these sub human, repugnant, fuckpig, cunts
  3. Remember O'Halloran hacked down in the box, it was this same ref who couldn't give it as wasn't 100% sure Unreal how he didn't give us that BLATANT as you get foul, but blindsided gives the Tarriers, who just happen to be losing a pen without hesitating
  4. Unreal, the last game a stonewaller he didn't give us, here,, a complete joke,, NEVER a penalty
  5. Not a chance, their Chairman is one of Liewells favourite attack dogs, cunt of a man
  6. Really ? Listened to him yesterday as well, sounds like the rest of the haters comes across as a tarrier lover
  7. Fuck rattled your arse Willie Miller ? he played for Aberdeen ? Sounds like he loves the tarriers
  8. “I used to dress down and not wear make-up or perfume to try to be as unattractive as possible
  9. I’m talking about since the season started, seen our players livid, Halliday v Motherwell, Kenny at 1 game an Harry KIllie I thought Dodoo was a pen
  10. We have stepped up at times, 4-2 v hibs 4-0 Dundee It’s hopefully a confidence problem that can be resolved, Tav & Harry the only players who have stepped up so far
  11. As a result of dives/pens,Astana an example, 2 pens in injury time with 1 maybe being legit
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