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  1. Their defence was outstanding midweek I don't like slating a player but Kiernan is a terrible player
  2. It's up to us to stop their Treble Home tie is the best chance of it
  3. Aidan has a coupon identical to a turnip I bought for the soup yesterday
  4. Getting through today with a win, get a new man in and shape up, then we want the bheasts at home in the next round After the next round it's Hampden , sooner kill their treble with Home advantage Big ask I know, if they are going to be stopped it's up to us to stop them PLEASE beat Morton today Rangers
  5. Ref has improved since we last had him Players look as nervy as I am
  6. Wasted ball in the box, that hasn't changed, need players to get on the end of Barrys hard worked crosses
  7. Warburton, that last press conference slating the media for reporting he was looking for a move What a show that was, how many other pressers were full of lies
  8. Watch us give them away to Dundee Untd just to get the wage bill down As Dunny said, not 1 bid for a Rangers player in the January window
  9. Translates = New Manager has £12mill max including wages to get #55
  10. What happened yesterday that you can tell us ? Who is going to lead us for the remainder of the season ?
  11. Thank You , Also tips McLiesh as caretaker manager
  12. I was being sarcastic, of course they don't, he isn't a Blazer chaser, a low profile but extremely well informed source
  13. There are a few pundits who speak eloquently about tactics but when given a shot at Management soon return to punditry as it didn't work out As Boybluesy says, he will be on decent money with Sky and no pressure A very good man all the same
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