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  1. What was up with posting in the other thread? http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=281782
  2. Not sure if I am 100% agreed with this but he is making it increasingly difficult for anyone including the board to have any reason to look for a replacement. We need a head scout with a massive scouting system to work alongside this management team.
  3. We need to get to the SPl. Only then can we 1) afford him and 2) attract him. If we get to the SPL then there is no reason we cannot get him (if he wants to come).
  4. OP Gutted we won again today. A bitter horrible oxygen thief.
  5. Haha. They really are thick. I blame the schools
  6. I see it the other way too. Stuart has no time to be nicey nicey and make friends. He has to go in and really give some people a shake and tell them whats what - he has nothing to lose. Some players though will need to start playing for their future, with us or another club. If they prove they are still shite under McCall they have a very bleak future. McCall can also just drop anyone who does not put in 100%, like I said he has no need to nurture some spoiled adults. Get in there SM!
  7. The people saying it was a waste of time have been right so far. waste of money too (so far).
  8. Agree he should play number 10, if it from that position he will do most damage to the opposition and they will find it difficult to play against him when he is drifting from midfield to attack and back again.
  9. 13 pages seems like only the start of the argument. The bad bunny lit the touch paper and hopped away to leave the rest squabbling over nothing, every thread is the same after a few pages.
  10. I would say they would have to get the finger out and up their game if they wanted to remain playing football at a decent level after the Summer. No one will give them a contract (even on a free transfer) playing like they are now.
  11. The board and kenny are telling the truth KM has been told to play "the 5" when they are fit The board are not picking the team (just telling that the Newcastle players must be included in it)
  12. Another King Bashing thread for nothing. You must be bored. Seriously you lot are getting desperate now.
  13. Here's your reply, when you actually are fernandos agent or this becomes anything AT ALL to do with you then maybe he will contact you.
  14. To be honest Alex is correct, you sound like you are being a prick here
  15. Unless there is 100% no chance of Ibrox or Auchenhowie being used as security then I am not being duped. There must be someone who comes out and states the loan is free from anything that will be of negative effect on Rangers, be it security or fees or anything else Beware of that guy Ashley - he is the enemy - otherwise lifelong Rangers fans would be working with him by now
  16. Tell your "mate" that his mortgage is a debt and last time I checked he would not be allowed to bet that debt on a football game
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