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  1. The boy frustrates me no end, but well chuffed for him to score today.
  2. "We're away from home, we're the champions, 7 points out of 9" Says the boss.
  3. There's been a lot of focus on the beak on that coupon of kennedy's but what's the deal with the spock ears? He hoping for a job on the fucking enterprise?
  4. Do we win this if Patterson starts? Played very well since he's been on.
  5. Deserved it, they've been better the last 20mins but a draw at halftime would be fair.
  6. Threw on a few quick to make this 'meaningless' game a bit more exciting.
  7. Strangely not feeling too confident today. Maybe it's the after effects of thursday but expecting a close game. Not started on the lager yet but with tomorrow booked off weeks ago, win, loss or draw i'll have a few beer later.
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