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  1. That was a tough read, absolutely shocking, I hope the victims get the recognition and compensation they deserve. We already know that the club was riddled, but to see it spelled out so clearly in the mainstream media takes it up a level: "celtic Boys Club... for more than two decades it was also a magnet for paedophiles."
  2. Anyone else listen to BBC Sportsound yesterday? First time for me and obviously only interested in how our victory was being portrayed, but think we can add Maurice Ross to the list of decent ex players that talk sense. He's a coach at Motherwell so not an out-and-out pundit, but was talking us up obviously and letting rip into the scum, plus stated outright that he wants us to win the title and is a fan.
  3. Asda govan? I saw the pair of them in there maybe a year and a half ago, shat it from speaking to him mind you.
  4. We've been the better side but have been guilty of letting them get a couple of half chances. Are we still doing 5 subs? If so i'd be tempted to hook both Morelos and Barker, if not then Barker for Hagi is a given but would probably risk Morelos after giving him a talking to.
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