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  1. Sorry guys, don't have a funny meme or image to add, just want to say what an absolute joy the last 15 pages have been, and a banger of a start to a holiday weekend!
  2. This is the laugh at the scum thread, so if not already it'd probably be a good idea to discuss the horrific act of firebombing of a household elsewhere.
  3. Happy Trophy day bears, it's been a long wait - and not just the the last two months! 25 points and 30 goals ahead. Honestly, I've watched hours of the footage already, the stuff from the club on YouTube and some of what's on here, plus I'll be up anther few hours now the beers are flowing, but fuck me, it's like a weight's been lifted. I know we've been champions for over 2 months, but seeing Tav lift the trophy; all the interviews but especially Arfield's and Defoe's, absolute heaven. 10 years, 10 years?!
  4. https://www.gov.scot/publications/foi-202100147241/ Didn't see it posted anywhere else but this is an interesting look behind the scenes at some correspondence between the higher ups in the SFA/SPFL and the Scottish Government. Also has the initial emails around their trip to Dubai, including a statement saying they'll incorporate: "suitably robust control measures comparable to those applied when we compete in European competition matches is in place" Did ye aye? In hindsight it looks as though they were as successful at sticking to the protocols as they were at competing
  5. He should go back to wearing the eye liner again, does wonders for him/her/it.
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/feb/23/neil-lennon-on-brink-at-celtic-with-john-kennedy-set-to-replace-him Some of the comments are hilarious, i can't tell if folk are at the wind up or if it's serious fans or not - insolvency? tick, celtic 'lost' the league? tick, it was Brenda's fault? tick. MORE MORE MORE!
  7. Not sure how I feel about this. Long term of course I want him as far away from Scottish football as possible but would've preferred him to be the man in charge when 55 was made official. Plus now that he's gone there's a real chance they might actually start to play better. Loving the memes though ☺️
  8. In that case, and although it'd be a poor replacement, I'll take the girodome guard of honour instead then
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55814273 "robust" offer? Whit's that when it's at hame? To be fair if they only paid £300k then i'm sure there's a profit in there even with clauses, but if he goes for anything over £2.5million then the buyer's been robbed.
  10. Aye you're right mate, probably one of those new fangled facsimile machines getting used these days
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