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  1. Glorious, what an outrageously hilarious public meltdown, but no more please I can't take it...
  2. Exactly, another team benefitting from the new manager bounce, won't be easy but after today we'd hop Gerrard rotates a few players.
  3. Maybe we do, but given they never try we'll never know! Other than Kamara, his effort in the first half should rule him out.
  4. Fucking hate Morelos at times, wish we'd have accepted the 15mil or whatever it was.
  5. Was worried that this could be a banana skin, top v bottom and the new manager bounce in play here. Sounds as though motherwell were shit in the second half last week so here's hoping it's the same today and we kick up a gear as it's been unacceptable sofar.
  6. Think it's not that Aaron Ramsey, but a 17 year old from Villa. Can't see senior Aaron Ramsey swapping changing rooms with Ronaldo for those with Scott 'Lego' Brown.
  7. Not sure how relevant it is to this thread but it gave me a laugh anyway.
  8. Rather than Barton I think a better comparison would be Senderos, big defender coming up with a bit of a reputation and failing completely. My memory's not the best but either Senderos didn't play as many games as Duffy; or if he did, he played well enough that I can't remember any major howlers other than his old firm appearance and stretchered off. Anyway, admins do us home workers a favour and lock this thread till 5pm, i can't afford another day like yesterday!!
  9. https://streamja.com/MBEqv
  10. You'd think they'd be bending over backwards to help and try and salvage some credibility by doing the tests even if they don't have to. But nope, can't even score the easy PR win of "we even got extra tests done when we didn't need to". Absolutely mind blowing stuff.
  11. What a champ, I've had one of my two screens 'for work' on this thread all day and it's been glorious, what a read it's been.
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