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  1. Superb run from Arfield and a great finish too. Brilliant.
  2. I literally said he's finished in Sunday's match thread, maybe Gio's given him another lease of life.
  3. Lovely to see Alfie strutting about like his old self.
  4. Oh my god Tav. He's shat the bed, no confidence, bin him and get Patterson on.
  5. Dirk Kuyt on BBC Scotland saying Gio didn't hesitate to bench him when he was captain at feyenoord - here's hoping we see something similar over the next week or two.
  6. Unfortunately I think the players agree with you. At least as far as the cups are concerned...
  7. I can see a few changes on the cards, and every player should be worried. McGregor Tav Goldson Barasic Morelos All should be dropped for Thursday.in reality I'd drop more but we don't have the replacements.
  8. FFS is it darts at a dart board or is someone flipping a coin for these subs?!
  9. Keeping Kent fresh for getting pumped out our 2nd cup in a week i'm guessing.
  10. Right, that's a week's work to squeeze into the next 13 minutes then!
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