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  1. Nice One, Thanks For Informing Everyone. Link is Fine Now & 4.30pm Time Given.
  2. The Main Factors Are The Fact He Has Worked With WS For So Long, as a Player, With Scotland & With Rangers. So Gaining All That Knowledge From WS For So Long is A Big Factor. As is The Fact He Knows The Club & Its Supporters Inside & Out & That Its Not A Dutch Man or French Man Taking Over & Doesnt Understand The Club. One Thing We Have To Remember is That With Lennon & The Great Unwashed is That The Two Clubs Have Taken it to The Last Day of The Season. But Lennon Has Had The Resources There at His Disposal & we Havent & This is The Best he Can do. So With The
  3. As a Footballer He Was a Genius & With Every Genuis There Seems To Be a Darker Side. Lets Try & Remember Him as The Player he Was & The Good Performances he Had at The Club. Thanks for Posting The Documentary, I Have Been Meaning to Watch it Again as I Havent Seen it Since 96. Cheers.
  4. Good video, cheers for posting.
  5. I agree with Amac9, an unbeaten run is possible wins & draws.
  6. Couldnt see it happening either. He will want to go to a bigger profile club dispite his age, no disrespect to Leicester City.
  7. Too true Shearer is an empty headed bastard, Hansen carries him through MOD. Merson is a negative wanker a real doom & gloom merchant. Too many chemicals down the years.
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