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  1. I am aware we were not defeated but as the saying goes show me a good looser and I’ll show you a looser. I agree with the fact that SG has such a high profile world wide it can only expose this little kabal of shit reporters,, referees, and legislators and shake the hole mess up which should see a better product of football in Scotland.
  2. Would have hated to see Murty going North and McInnes coming to us
  3. I take it we still have a Director of Football does this not come under his remit or what the fuck are we paying him for
  4. Think that dressing room has been sold or off loaded
  5. That's it fuckin Ramsey Bolton should not be allowed anywhere near our players or our training ground.
  6. Think about it this way he may need the Record's money to pay the back taxes
  7. Record really did take the piss out of Barrie here, hope he enjoys the 30 pieces as any credibility he had has now left the building
  8. After Berwick Rangers nothing can surprise you I was watching the reserves at Ibrox when the news filter through none of your BBC Sport or Radio Clyde then thank fuck
  9. If I picked it up correctly looks like current strip will be used in Europe as it has been register for that competition but are hope to have new one for the beginning of the season at home
  10. Believe it was always qualified with Spearmint Chewing Gum
  11. The 3 foreigners and 2 assimilated players no longer applies
  12. Hear they are rebuild the Main stand the wrong way round it is facing the pitch the suffering continues for hertz
  13. Tom English and the BBC that's like Lord Haw Haw writing for Pravda anybody taking them serious shows a lack of judgement
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