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  1. Have you tried Vion in Cambuslang? If that's not too far for you PM me. They're taking on people constantly but its 0 hour contracts and they text you as they need to to work. My mates been in there since he was 16 I will get him to put your name forward if its not a cunt to get to
  2. My mate has a brick laying company and he's really been struggling, had to tell the boys to sign on over Xmas and that's him just picked up a job in Aberdeen but its only for a 3 man squad. He's got about 10 guys phoning asking him for work every day.
  3. Fuck sake horrendous, mate! Good luck anyway
  4. Just recently made another Facebook. Search for Dean Hutchison.
  5. He's not on my FB but search for Dean Hutchison. Hardest cunt in the soft play.
  6. https://www.ukmail.com/driverjobapplication/ Fill this out mate and send me your name and location via PM. I'll post up the number in the morning, forgot all about it today.
  7. UkMail are looking for multi drop drivers. I'll post the phone number later.
  8. These people that fight at football seem to have it ready made, I've never saw a Muslim football casual? Get together ya bunch of toe-rags and fight the head-rags.
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