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  1. Seen a good few people starting to collect these again, anybody into it? Wish I had kept some of mine when I see the prices they go for. My favourite I had was San Francisco 49ers collision, white one side and a redish colour the other. Best I've even seen is probably Raptors big logo.
  2. Don't know who told us to travel with no bag but we got the check in at the airport and everybody has a change of clothes. Must have saw him coming
  3. Course it does Never laughed so much in my life. From the minute me and Gary turned up with no bags or fuck all to the end was excellent.
  4. Undecided. Bought mines for my 6th year running last season and only attended a handful of matches due to personal circumstances. With all the shit going on I'm not sure yet if I'd rather just pay for the matches I can make instead of buying a season ticket. Saying that my seat was filled 90% of the time by someone for free.
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