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  1. when charles green did that speech and the ground erupted with we are the people sent shivers down my spine.proud to say i was there yesterday
  2. im pretty sure i have got 1 sorted now mate, thanks a lot though its much appreciated WATP
  3. i was banking on getting mine on the day, my money is not going until sat morning so i hope there is some left by the time i get up there
  4. i got mine yesterday, i think it will be a sell out again
  5. i would love to see el tell giving another go of it
  6. qpr could be a couple up already here, newcastle look half asleep
  7. wembley is just quality, the size of the place is unreal , also in 2006 i was in germany for the world cup and managed to get tickets for switzerland v togo at dortmunds stadium witch realy impressed me
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