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  1. So this season the scum started off with - 10 in a row, - Shane Duffy the new Beckenbauer, - Slippys pure neva wun a league, - - that Morelos is shite hes pure neva Scord aginst us, - wev pure loadsamoney, - Sevco, -yous gona go bust, - Eddys pure worth £60m - etc etc etc They’re finishing the season as St Johnstone supporters and claiming Callum Davidson is the new messiah. Every day that goes by just reminds us how our return has absolutely broken them. We’ve lived through some pain in the last 10 years but in 40+ years as a Rangers fan thi
  2. I’m assuming the Hibs player will be done for the stamp similar to how Morelos was dealt with? Should I start holding my breath now?
  3. But if they win their games and hand and we have a second half of the season meltdown can they still catch us?
  4. Had a bit of a health scare this year so decided it wouldn’t be wise to join in the festivities today but watching the game, watching the trophy presentation and then seeing some of the pictures and footage on here and on various websites has me absolutely beaming with pride tonight. What a team, what a season, what a fan base.
  5. As we approach Saturday and the celebrations wherever we all are and whether we may or may not gather, it’s a great time to think back over the season. I wonder: - how many of us were confident back at the start of the season that this would finally be the season we’d see the league coming home? - how many of us would have thought we’d finish the season potentially unbeaten and potentially with over 100 points? - how many of us went into pretty much every game after our fantastic start to the season expecting us to falter? - how many of us until it was mathematically
  6. If this stays the way it is then McInnes will be delighted ... only a small defeat will be his viewpoint. An absolute escape of epic proportions for us avoiding this serial bottle merchant as manager.
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