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  1. Can you pm me the Bank account details and I'll do a bank/bank direct instead of the usual PayPal? Cheers
  2. Hi GB, Good to hear from you even if it is sad news (that seems to be all there is at present!). £25.00 sent, mate, through Media Fund, hope it helps.
  3. He will...he's in love with the place! He's got the same 'bug' for 'Pool that we have for The 'Gers! (I hope!)
  4. What a guy! Brave to the end! Loved you as a player and you showed us all how to behave at the end! Never forgotten. R.I.P. Fernando.
  5. Nice to score 7....but 1-0 does the job! 3 points are all that matters in this league!
  6. £10 on it's way....marked for bravehound Have a great night!
  7. His head has got a lot bigger than normal! poor photoshop!
  8. Think they would have a difficult job after letting Power off with the same offence.
  9. terry739


    Scottish Sun has it too....signed did medical etc in Manchester https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/
  10. Did Maxwell not say that they (SFA) were happy to meet with member clubs to discuss anything they weren't happy with (not just Lawell/celtic)?
  11. have a wee look where I'm from!
  12. I wouldn't have put it quite like that but totally agree that the f****** wouldn't be even slightly interested. On the other hand they weren't behind the door at putting Big Dunc in 'Bar L' some years back for an incident on the pitch! If Scots prods don't get a grip you lot are going to end up like us!
  13. Wonder if it was reported to Police Scotland as an assault what would they do about it....if anything!!??
  14. Not eligible....Northern Ireland stopped him playing....you're not keeping up!
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