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  1. Fantastic news, there are shades of Baxter about the lad.
  2. Call me a weirdo but I don't really see the point in making light of a serious point McCoist was making.
  3. Sums up the bheasts to a T. Should have all been giving the coat hanger treatment when they were fetuses and their mothers punched in the face for good measure.
  4. And risk a tongue tickle from Liewell?
  5. Another interesting article from Leggat. To the OP, post the link to his blog. The more hits he gets the better
  6. This is farcical. From politician to policeman. Media muppet to village idiot. It appears everyone is clambering over one another to be more affronted than the person before re the game. It was a tasty game with lots of emotions, not helped with the ref having a stinker (not that we didn't). End of.
  7. Yeah that's amazing Spiers. Fascinating insight into the psyche of a man you shared a predictable poofy half with. If you had stuck around after Lennon's 9th/10th you will have witnessed him sending threatening texts to the mother of his child.
  8. Exactly, she was acting as judge, jury and executioner before knowing all the facts. Quite a scummy thing to accuse someone off. She never did apologise.
  9. Surely you've heard the tale about the ten commandments?
  10. McBride claimed he's seen murders due to it? Really McBride? Care to point out which trial you appeared as an eye witness?
  11. Not surprising really, though I personally feel this is a season too far for the big man.
  12. If Weir is starting on Wednesday then Bougherra will need to man mark Hooper, Weir simply hasn't got the pace to cope with him. For that reason alone he shouldn't be an automatic first choice pick, but then Smith usually stays loyal to his players.
  13. Good day all round, just wish I wasn't working tonight so I could celebrate in a proper fashion. watp
  14. 12 pages of Laff bashing and the big man delivers Just knew that was going to happen.
  15. What a pile of bullshit. there must be thousands of players in Britain in a similar situation.
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