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  1. Making false allegations are we now? Any proof of this? I think you will find this is the first time I have registered on the site, infact until this week I had never even looked on the site. What a complete idiot. :lol: :lol:
  2. Feel free to post more bullshit like Kilmarnock making changes in our CIS cup game even though they were at full strength. Or deny that we never played a weaker team that night.
  3. Is the error code when you try to go online? If so, that is because they are doing maintenance. Not sure about the disks not loading. Will go try play a game on my PS3 and report back. Well after trying I got signed in and on playing COD, should try now mate.
  4. Xavi for me. It's pretty sad that Xavi never got the deserved praise he gets now when he has been playing brilliant at Barcelona for years. Stated for the last 8 seasons what a top player he was and finally people all around the world see it. There is no player in world football that can control a midfield and run a game like the maestro.
  5. Fuck knows with that cunt. Nani was miles onside anyway, love it
  6. I feel safe when Alexander plays, more consistent than McGregor and better at cross balls. Alan is a better shot stopper and when on his top form is the better keeper. Papac has been one of our most consistent players since Walter came back, no contest Sasa is far superior to Kirk. That's the most probably team that will play Saturday lunchtime if all fit, been the same starting 11 that has played Kilmarnock's last two matches in the SPL.
  7. How is there no point in mentioning Papac or Jelavic? The guy you quoted said we played a weakened team and compared to our first choice starting eleven(see below) it was a weakened team no matter if those players were injured or rested. McGregor Whittaker Bougherra Weir Papac Naismith Davis Edu/McCulloch Weiss Jelavic Miller Unless you believe that those five players in bold would not make a huge difference to the team that started against Kilmarnock that night? We did play poor, another reason why I believe and have stated this is going to be a tricky fixture at the weekend, especially w
  8. Usually a split decision over who is the better player. No doubt two top quality players, but who do you prefer out of them both?
  9. Was not a weak team but certainly not full strength. When we have a fully fit squad 6 players that started that night would play. McGregor, Davis, Papac, Miller and Jelavic are very important players to us that did not start that night.
  10. It's not like Robin Van Persie has had such severe injuries that have kept him out for whole season's. He has made over 330 appearances in his career and has only really had two seasons where he missed numerous games. When a player makes 30-45 appearances in five seasons out of eight then I believe you have seen more than enough to declare if he is world class or not. Ronaldo was plagued with injuries and people still believed he was world class, his injuries were much worse. I stand by that a fit Robin Van Persie is not near WC and there is numerous better strikers out there today.
  11. Foster won't play left back, Whittaker would be switched with him.
  12. Certainly true about the world class players. Although at the moment I genuinely only think 1 player at Arsenal has shown world class form over the last three or four seasons. That being Fabregas, players like Arshavin, Nasri on their day can be very good players but not in the world class bracket. Saying that I don't think you need many world class players to win the EPL, there is a lack of that top drawer player in the league. Over the last two seasons Arsenal have not been good enough to win the title though and there has been a clear gap between them and Chelsea/United. Arsenal are easil
  13. Without his injuries and when he is on top of his game I still don't see what he does that is so great?? Only had 1 good season for Arsenal. Would people put him in the same bracket as genuine world class strikers such as Drogba, Villa, Eto'o etc?
  14. He's obliged to travel to get checked by the Algerian staff, same happened with Jelavic.
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