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  1. We've actually just been playing like we are buffering, easy mistake. Normal service will hopefully resume now.
  2. He was signalling to the bench during the corner before the goal, reckon he has a knock.
  3. Clark and then Stevie may. Fuck big Jon Daly! Why sign someone who will last 2 seasons at best with the nick he is in
  4. Only thing thats doing my head in is that you can't skip to the last page of a thread on your mobile, apart from that I can't complain
  5. Favourite I was at was at tynecastle, 1-0 down with about 5 to play. Remember turning to my mate as lafferty stepped up for a free kick saying "anyone bar him". Needless to say it went in and paysmith finished the job
  6. Good to hear! Well done to the pair of them
  7. I think as a game it might actually be quite decent. Fancy Wales for it though, going for an optimistic 3-2 but itv London is where the goals will be at!
  8. Shit! Really hope the guys alright
  9. I love him aswell, remember both us and the mhanks were linked same summer (something about him being mccullochs pal) would of cried if he signed with them
  10. I'd love to be in that dressing room the now to see just how ally goes about it And to have my own wee rant!
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