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  1. Done a wee run this morning, the first in 3 months, I really lost the momentum for a while. I have two weeks til holiday, healthy diet, running everyday, just to trim a little bit. When I get back, that's when it really starts. I was very fit and athletic at school, then joining University it slipped and I spent years at 14/15 stone, now down to 12.5 stone, want to hit 12 and stay there.
  2. I hope Badger and Diz don't take offence to me editing their wedding picture that they posted earlier in this thread, they know I love them really! But, this just had to be done! What do you really think happens when an RM members is banned? Badger takes them to the woods. Think about it, when did you last hear Bkay, Johngers etc...?
  3. Anyway, a few of me recently. Just at the bottom of Ben Lomond ready for our epic hike! (I'm in the middle) In Florida last September!
  4. Pipedown hasn't changed I wonder, has bkay changed recently? I miss winding the old chap up!
  5. Even the cast of Superbad were shocked at your similarity to McLovin!
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