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  1. Seeing the wee goblin prick Ribery lifting that trophy is sickening.
  2. Something I'd hope we'd be emulating with our new start in division 3..
  3. Another year, a different set of diving pricks win the champions league. Ribery should have been off. Dante should have been off.
  4. Comical jest at my username/legal name status and ending your point with "or something" just make it too hard to argue against you. Regards.
  5. The bracketed part highlights exactly why your post is just nonsense.
  6. We were discussing at the game great moments of the past 10 years, that really seem like a lifetime ago, a dream even. The football on display today was woeful, bar the 10-15 minutes of decent play that soon disappeared.
  7. Exactly, they will be showing off new trainers, and a dominoes pizza on twitter tonight as well.
  8. We had the chance with Le Guen, but we lost it when everyone backed Ferguson and the boys over the manager, not wanting their ways of lives changed from the usual. We also had another chance going into Division 3, to really go ahead and play some decent football, maybe lose the odd game here or there, but as long as we saw progress, short sharp, passing, intelligent football. I've seen better football watching Dorset v Weymouth in the non-league football of England, it's that bad right now.
  9. Fuck me, and some. I honestly think some of the fans could play better football. I had more goal instinct than our 'strikers' when in the box.
  10. Just back from the game, it's amazing - we had 15 minutes of decent football in the first half, as soon as Peterhead scored heads went down and that was it. No fight in them, clueless headless chicken running around not wanting the ball. Can someone please tell me what Hutton does on the park? Fuck all from what I can see.
  11. If I had said this to you three years ago you'd have hunted me down and shot me
  12. Possible, but much less effort scanned and digitally touched up. There wasn't too much colour photography back then, it's existed since the mid 19th century in all technicality, mainly in laboratories, but only really took off post 1960/70! As I said, regardless it take nothing away from a great image.
  13. Great picture! Has it been coloured digitally? Looks too bright for a 50's colour photo! Fantastic all the same.
  14. Boyd only scores against the little teams He'd rip Cribari and Faure a new one
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