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  1. Just got bored of a derby county save. The rangers job just came up after 3 seasons. Had derby sitting 3rd in the premier league, flying in the europa league, but alot of players were starting to annoy me by asking for wage rises. Anyway, resigned from Derby, managed to get the rangers job. Only to find out wallace and the star striker petkovic have transfers arranged. Hey ho. Still think i can win the league this season as theres some decent players. And ive managed to sign 3 of my reserves at derby who will be good in the scottish league.
  2. Boak. Thats something a five year old would ask.
  3. You know what they say, green yin fir a f............
  4. Positives: hes better than McCoist, negatives: he cant change a game and is only slightly better than mccoist.
  5. Why is this a surprise to people? Financially were on our arses. Pratted, brassic, skint. The cunts that have run our club in the past few years have done nothing to address this issue.
  6. Dont think the club has an x ray machine
  7. Fucked his shoulder, its in te southern general.
  8. The problem is, these bang average players your talking about, theres about 15 of them.
  9. Warburton cant fire the players up. Halliday can get to fuck aswell, take his seat in the broomloan like the rest of us and let a proper midfielder take over.
  10. We were utter pish. Miller was great??? He missed a sitter ffs. Windass looked like a scared wee boy sometimes. Halliday was also shite. Go watch the highlights.
  11. Check my previous posts, ive been saying it all season. TAVERNIER CANT DEFEND! He has no positional awareness, and is unable to execute a tackle.
  12. Our midfield has as much power as a mark one skoda. They all looked like a bunch of league 1 players out there today.
  13. Barry Ferguson was a wee prick when he first broke through.
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