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  1. Maybe contempt is too strong a word. It’s still raw for me, seeing Gazza like that brings back too many bad memories.
  2. Apparently the boat was pushed out for Flo and De Boer aswell. Can’t remember the exact figures, but I remember when I heard what they were on I thought it was a wind up.
  3. An absolute shambles of a man. I’ve lived with an acoholic and it’s a terrible lifelong disease, but I struggle to have anything but contempt for someone who messes up everytime. Such a tragedy, and waste of an amazing talent.
  4. There were some highly paid players during the advocaat era. A lot more than was made public.
  5. I thought gorams was quite good. An incite into the 9IAR era.
  6. Don’t get me wrong, Morelos is a great player, a fantastic talent. But we didn’t struggle without him. In fact I’d say Kent, Davis, and Arfield flourished with Defoe up top. If he goes, and we get something north of £15 million, I’d say that’s a good deal. The sad thing is, if he didn’t miss so many games through suspension, he’d have scored 40, and we’d be asking for double that amount.
  7. Well replace him. Even Defoe will score at least 10-15 if he gets a run of games. Gerrard will have a back up plan if Morelos goes. Its absolutely vital we win that league next year.
  8. Fucking sickening. Players should be able to go on holiday and enjoy themselves, without fear of being attacked.
  9. Maybe more to do with the Shettleston harriers scoring a lot of goals late on.
  10. Took the words out my mouth. Get it right up ye.
  11. As it stands he’s going back to Liverpool. Maybe something will materialise, but I’ve heard we’re slightly out priced on that deal.
  12. He got done down the right wing by that guy Kamberi. Katic looked like he was towing a caravan.
  13. Nothing to Moan about today. Great result. Enjoy your weekend troops!
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