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  1. http://watchwrestling.in/watch-wwe-andre-the-giant-documentary-4-11-18/ theres a link mate
  2. Bydo who's your friend that's wrestling tonight? Nikki cross?
  3. Anybody else on here having problems with the network? Mines won't play anything, let's me click on them and press play but then nothing happens
  4. Wwe Twitter has tweeted a few pics of Miller at the hydro in the ring. https://mobile.twitter.com/WWE/status/585881476501217280/photo/1
  5. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1mey0i_wm-xxx-30-p-6-8-rawandsmackdown-com_sport That's part 6 mate but all the other parts are in the same page. Shield match isn't there though
  6. Guys any links to where I can watch replays of last night? Cheers
  7. Anybody else cringe like fuck when jerry lawler called DDP DDT
  8. Just watched an ecw pay per view there, networks class btw. Who would you rather square go? Nicole bass or Chyna
  9. White ToyWatch with union jack face http://www.selfridges.com/en/Menswear/Exclusive-Union-Jack-watch_141-3001213-TUJWH/
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