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  1. http://www.easports....34&sf30548125=1 From his stat's he seriously looks like one of the best ones.
  2. He doesnae count and THAT goal as well. Talent in abundance in Holland, USA, Denmark and more recently Sweden. Shame our scouting network probably has a 6.3mile radius.
  3. I don't think I can recall us ever signing a really bad dutch player if I'm honest, we've had a great set in the past, Gio, De Boer x2, Numan etc.
  4. Downloaded the demo today and had a few games, quite enjoying it actually noted improvement are spamming A/X is much less effective, as are first time passes/shots in unrealistic positions. Quick throw in has been rectified and I'm really impressed with the dribbling, means players like Iniesta and Messi are actually good this year. Will definitely be buying it, just really hope Rangers are playable online this year.
  5. I like Clark he's done well for us this year, I just rate Miller higher.
  6. Not bad, but this really gives me goosebumps, Boyd and Miller that year as well.....unreal. If anyone needs motivation to donate to Rangers First I would suggest watching this video because it's only 4 years old and shows some fantastic memories in my humble opinion.
  7. I know this is from fucking ages ago but will this work on my mac?
  8. How come we never have any good right backs
  9. Look above at Skyson1872's post, hopefully they aren't finalised because there is no changes in ratings from what I can see apart from Boyd going up by 1.
  10. The irony that this poll has no voters for "I follow everyone else". Of course no one will admit it, because their prides at stake. The whole generic/social norm of this negativity is from people jumping on the bandwagon of pessimists, I can understand how people get fed up we're murder to watch at times, thats a given, but what does moaning and whining like a bitch do about it? The answer: Nothing, but people like to fit in anyway.
  11. Is this serious? The oldest player there is 21 and time is running out, is that what you're saying? Speechless.
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