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  1. Hated it and hate Chelsea. Couldn't care less about Hamburg or Linfield either.
  2. Not sure how you get anywhere near 7 tbh mate Only 3 will definitely then its between Cancelo and Zinchenko. The 7 I named above will 100% start and none of them started the FA cup final.
  3. Calling someone a zoomer when you claimed he played his A team. Absolute clown. City will win the important one.
  4. No Ederson, Foden, Walker, Stones, Mahrez, Gundogan and Silva. A team LOL
  5. City made 7 changes in the cup it was nowhere near the A team. ๐Ÿ˜…
  6. A and B team? Hes not played the A team.
  7. You guys are missing out on resi 7 its a very good game and I was very sceptical about it as I prefer Resident evil and its original roots and game play. Only Resident evil survivor and Dead Aim are the ones I refuse to accept.
  8. The Slavia Prague games and Jack missing is one of the biggest myths of the season. What chances did Slavia create from open play over both legs? Very little! Goal was a screamer in Prague, free kick for the second when we were down to 9 men. We were in control of the second leg after they scored the goal and the red card completely changed the game, even then we were still doing pretty decent until the Balogun error. They targeted Patterson down that right side and McGregor should have saved the opener. Baffling how people act like Slavia dominated the whole tie and it was easy for
  9. Think you're lying that you ordered one tbh
  10. Mines finally arrived today. Hope you guys still waiting get yours soon.
  11. ยฃ7m for Barisic. Fucking hell man.
  12. Surprised David Marshall is not there..
  13. According to that clown commentator Man City beat Real in the CL SF in 2016. ๐Ÿคจ
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