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  1. Which should see Clarke sacked on the spot. Putting a winger in a wing back position to get destroyed by any England wide player would be criminal.
  2. Barisic had to get an MRI scan on his back, not serious but might miss Scotland game. Reason he was missing yesterday.
  3. Gilmour definitely pumped someone Dickie liked.
  4. Shes doing my head in all game.
  5. Always had a suspicion you were one of them tbh. @RFC55 brother?
  6. Attacking changes? WIT?! Took off a forward player for forward player at HT. Brought on a wide player for a wide player and a DM in McGregor. Took off striker for striker with 10 minutes to go. Where do people get this bollocks from? Doing anything to praise the jakey ffs
  7. Croatia might not beat Czechs tbh. Will beat Scotland though.
  8. Scenes when he uses Tierney missing as the excuse.
  9. Scotland will lose all 3 games and the media will still wank over him.
  10. Hes a joke, honestly living of the Serbia game when they underperformed and we overperformed. Lost to Israel and Slovakia. Drew in Israel, home to Austria. 2 wins in 8, one was a 1-0 against 10 men Luxembourg and the other against the Faroes. Defeats to Israel, Slovakia and Czechs.
  11. Scotland have had chances to score a couple tbh
  12. As far as I'm concerned you go with your best 11 and in form players rather than showing faith in underperforming/not good enough players at this level. Marshall, O'Donnell, Christie, Hendry and Armstrong should not have started. Half the side practically.
  13. I know some think Christie has been good, but I thought he was garbage. As was Armstrong and Dykes though.
  14. O'Donnell the worst player at the tournament is one comment on redcafe. Guy is correctly getting slagged rotten. Get Patterson on ya fud.
  15. Its retarded to expect our rival clubs fans not to dislike us. I dislike nearly every Scottish club. They have more right to hate us than 'random English persons' I don't care for Scotland anymore anyway just find the reasoning and liking England weird.
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