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  1. Pretty sure hes back in training with the squad mate.
  2. Copa America starts tonight btw. Brazil vs Venezuela at 10pm. BBC red button.
  3. Zinchenko has been hopeless tonight.
  4. Told you this would be a shit show
  5. Thats what happens when you bring Ake on.
  6. This game will be shit imo, hope I'm wrong, normally are tbh.
  7. Imagine he did the golden slam? Offt.
  8. Unreal how he pulls these off.
  9. Dalic told HRT : "Barisic has had problems with injuries for the last ten days, Guardiol is now the most prepared."
  10. Serving for first set, blew it and now 2 down. Djokovic bottled it again after beating Nadal.
  11. Had a good season with Inter but level definitely dropped last 2-3 years.
  12. Not saying Borna makes a difference today but hes better than Gvardiol.
  13. Both these sides wont go past the QFs imo
  14. You diagnosed it was a blood clot due to vaccine..
  15. *24 Completely irrelevant when talking about 'retarded opinions' or players having one good season. Not talking about Tav being best in the world, but the gap from where Van Dijk was to now is 1 million % bigger than the gap your putting between Tav and pace merchant Kyle Walker. Van Dijk was struggling in Europe with them. He strolled that league straight away.
  16. I also remember when people slagged the taigs for wanting £12m for Van Dijk. Bet you said the exact same back then when compairing him to PL defenders.. Now hes arguably the best CB in world football.
  17. But wait how can you say that? One played for us and Blackburn and the other for the regular champions of England? Won CL etc. Completely going against your own argument here!
  18. You sound like one of these idiots that would say Darren Fletcher was better than Barry Ferguson.
  19. Ive said it for years Walker is woeful. Wouldn't swap him for Tav at all.
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