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  1. Expectation: Greeting tims Reality: A Rangers fan called Hartley "We should sign Porteous"
  2. This must really haunt him, he was overlooked by the SNP at a point when they were at their absolute worst for accepting the thickest of the thick.
  3. I don't think that would stop him, what he seems to crave is the stream of unwashed liking and commenting "Aye, they are all scum aren't they" and that's the thing people struggle to ignore, him and a bunch of bigots tarring our entire fanbase with the same brush whilst completely ignoring anything by anyone else in order to set the "only Rangers fans misbehave" narrative.
  4. Probably just comparing it to themselves and people they know, everyone I know in their early 30's has had their 2nd vaccine so I'd assume someone that's nearly 40 would have got their 2nd longer than 2 weeks ago. Given we don't know which players or staff tested positive though his vaccine status might be irrelevant anyway (if he tested positive he's out anyway)
  5. It's turned out exactly how many would have predicted. The whole thing was born of Rangers First gathering pace and a few egos that missed the boat then inserting themselves into it, but they all want to be the captain.
  6. At first I genuinely thought he was simply saying racism towards players wasn't an issue at a time when all the players were white, not that racism didn't exist back then but no he went on to clarify that it didn't exist at all, but then it did a wee bit but it was resolved quickly because catholics can't be excluded from jobs anymore. Think senility might be creeping up on the old boy.
  7. Been "a season" since 2008, prior to that it was a specific period of 1 July to 30 June the next year. They changed it to a longer description, and "a season" in 2008 to make it fairer on players moving from leagues that don't follow the common format of starting a season around July/August and finishing around April/May. So for players based in countries with the common format, moving to other clubs following the same, nothing changed at all in 2008. It was still register for 3, play for 2 (purpose of this seems to be to allow players to be loaned twice in a season without their parent club registration stopping them from playing (if they've not made an appearance for the parent club) An example would be us signing Velicka in 2008, he'd already played for Hearts and Viking in 2008 but it didn't matter as the rule was you could play for 2 clubs in a season and his Hearts appearances were the previous season
  8. Looks better there than in the email
  9. He's alright against the likes of Real Madrid but not sure he can make the step up to play teams like Livingston
  10. It's the lack of communication too. It's not difficult to put something on the site, or the SLO on twitter saying we're waiting to hear about ticket numbers and expect to do the ballot on x day
  11. Was it a line about getting 3 points?
  12. I'd be surprised if there weren't mixed views in the dressing rooms also
  13. I'm actually surprised they never sent a drone down to get round the players blocking it, ridiculous coverage, should have been pulled away immediately
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