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  1. What was Keevins greeting about there? Angry that McRorie's test was described as "through the roof"
  2. Aye it probably is jsut because people compare it to the old ones but to be honest the game felt to me like I could ahve completed it by jsut running about pressing X, the game does everything for you if you want.
  3. O'm beginning to think the same. The spitting stuff is unsavoury and even once would be bad but there's been a couple, however his disciplinary record is good, he's not a dirty player and the only other incident that comes to mind is Mackie, which was in the heat of the moment and given how much players dive it's conceivable he didn't realise how serious it was and went in and had a go. The people criticising him recently include a fat prick that booted a teamate square in the face when he was down on the ground and a manager that shouted for someone to go and break a players legs during a mat
  4. Yes, difference is the Lego Eater won't have the composure to stand there and take it and will get sent off. I find it funny all the Celtic fans posting the picture of Brown in front of Diouf and labelling it as "class!" The only reason he done it was to get Diouf to react and get sent off. He failed, yet they're all celebrating this failure. Same with the result, it was a draw and they're all celebrating, we're disappointed. Tells you all you need to know. WATP and a draw with us is seen as a victory, for us to not win is seen as failure, and that's why we'll be champions in May.
  5. People being harsh. Brown's sister died a few years ago maybe the season, or the season after he signed for them. They used it as an excuse for how much of a failure he was but the reality is he's jsut a shit footballer, and as Diouf says, no one knows him.
  6. Big Basshunter is the latest to face charges when 2 daft wee lassies realised he wasn't that interested in them and had just been messing around with them. Then there was the N-Dubz drummer that got convicted because he was grabbing 2 girls arses... they only decided he'd assaulted them when they didn't get into the after party of course. Obviously they're not footballers but it's the same story, girls throw themselves at these guys and then when they realise the guys aren't interested or were only looking for a quick jolly suddenly it wasn't consensual, bollocks, and they do nothing to help
  7. I think he was being sarcastic in reference to players like Ness getting thrown in at the deep end (and was it little that played at RB in an OF game last season?)
  8. Agreed, it's amazing, now that he's playing well in the Premiership, how many fans always knew he was a good player. They were all suspiciously quiet about it when he left. He had glimmers of quality at Rangers, a fantastic goal or free kick every so often but there was too much crap inbetween and too often he just looked like a fat waster, then towards the end of his time at Rangers he seemed to get obsessed with wanting to score a wonder goal from a mile out. He's found a nice level at Blackpool, even in the championship they were meant to be one of the worst teams so little was expected of
  9. I'd have Bendiksen on the bench every week just to make sure his bird turned up. Absolute perfection, even if she does have a blokes name. In all seriousness though, I thought he was going to be one of the youth players that worked out for us, at the time of signing there were all sorts of rumours floating about about how much we'd paid for him but he's obviously been hit hard by injuries (missed an entire season basically) and I think I heard he was injured again this season, sure he was on the bench a couple of times early on. Not sure if he's physically capable at senior level either he's t
  10. Just watched a video of this guy on youtube. I know people will say anyone can look good in a few minutes long youtube video and his opposition aren't the greatest but you cannot fake those pinpoint passes and his through balls just seem to glide past everyone. He also looks like the sort of winger that plays to get goals not free kicks, at various points he's getting his ankles kicked at but he keeps going because he can see an opportunity to set up a goal. If he plays like that most weeks, and you're seeing him and saying eh does, then he's be a good signing. They paid $850,000 Australian in
  11. It already has, today he's world class, one performance has turned the worst player in their team into the best, very fickle. They're deluding themselves about that performance aswell, they were slightly better than us playing terribly.
  12. I'd maybe go as far as to say they deserved it and then follow that up with an honest appraisal but i've been over on 606 for the last wee while and it's utter garbage being spouted there, clearly half of them were watching a different game. Celtic played better on the day but they also played pish, just not as bad as us, it was a truelly crap performance from both teams, it's happened before and we've won and I've said we were lucky but a Celtic supporting mate has just said "We played great today" utter bollocks, the difference was a goalkeeping blunder and a penalty not some great performan
  13. I've not seen Avatar, I was put off because I don't believe people when they say how good it is and I can't imagine it looks as good as people say either. Only seen the first Godfather. Not seen Dark Knight. I can't remember ever having seen Apocalypse Now or any Indiana Jones movie.
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