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  1. Ryan Jack. Changed my mind quite quickly on him but at the time he signed I just thought he wasn't either the type of player I wanted to see taking up a midfield slot, or good enough for us. Similarly when we reportedly bid £700k for Lee McCulloch I was completely against it and was raging when we ended up paying over £2m for him. Now whilst by the end of his time at Rangers I thought him leaving was overdue, he definitely contributed in his time at the club.
  2. Because the argument we regularly see is nonsense.
  3. I think he's probably mixing it up with the "immaculate conception" which is a catholic belief and not a protestant one. Given the name I can understand why people would think it's about the conception of Jesus but it's the conception of Mary
  4. First absolute clownshoe of the night, actually arguing it might have been a good decision if the players that come in do well
  5. I remember us being close to signing Fernando Couto and hoping that would go through
  6. Smith obviously had the UEFA Cup run and a baw hair from the champions league final in 92-93 but outside of that there were some pretty woeful times. Gerrard has been more consistent and has us playing football against good teams, but whilst I think overall quality of teams has improved such that we're playing top quality teams in the Europa league, doing the same in the champions league next season would make it difficult to argue that Gerrard is more impressive
  7. "Give me 5 minutes to say the same thing 15 times"
  8. Frank with the no true scotsman pish
  9. Yasss, this guy's having an argument with himself now.
  10. Was just thinking that, how many of them are happy to advertise that they're simply glory hunters.
  11. Dunno who is funnier, the wee squeaky voiced tims or the roasters like this guy that think they sound clever with their superior tone.
  12. Not as generous as me but I never hit £200m either
  13. Yes, ridiculous to have the same thing affect different teams in different ways by changing the rules mid season, but it's nothing new here, I'm sure a few years ago they changed the compliance officer rules mid season to allow incidents the referee did see to be included and to allow yellow card appeals
  14. He probably already sold out of them a couple of years back they've been so certain of it
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