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  1. He's alright against the likes of Real Madrid but not sure he can make the step up to play teams like Livingston
  2. It's the lack of communication too. It's not difficult to put something on the site, or the SLO on twitter saying we're waiting to hear about ticket numbers and expect to do the ballot on x day
  3. Was it a line about getting 3 points?
  4. I'd be surprised if there weren't mixed views in the dressing rooms also
  5. I'm actually surprised they never sent a drone down to get round the players blocking it, ridiculous coverage, should have been pulled away immediately
  6. Yeah, he was just kinda pacing forward and the ball hit him in the leg but he was already on his way down and he was then just lying lifeless, absolutely horrific
  7. I was second batch and it's just arrived today
  8. Their final 2 games are against the teams sitting 2nd last and 3rd last which is hard to guess at as they both will have something to play for still to try and avoid relegation. They really need to win both those games and hope Greuther Fuerth drop points. Probably too little too late again but still in with a chance, just not in their own hands.
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