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  1. http://www.youtube.com/user/jazzyfool#p/u/1/AQ7RFCOcHeg One with Lennon and Kapo! Whoever does this, is fucking magic.
  2. Blouie facebooked matavz's maw for the scoop and is now trying to entice her and Tim to Rangers with the promise she will receive unlimited length If her client does so.
  3. She any pics on her facebook, or just that silly wee cartoon? Any flirting going on? Pictures of her furry cup sought after and seized yet?
  4. Did a quick scout of FM 2011 for Tim... Here's his stats. Start of the Game 2019 and now at Feyernoord All time Stats
  5. So did I too Private too, could be one of many Mrs Matavz in the world. Blouie, details on her info page please and any pics?
  6. You weren't, but you were the lucky one to keep her. Ramdin Bawdeep Loyal
  7. Lol you've made her up there. If not then brilliant.
  8. McGobbliegiver stay Home, McGobbliegiver stay Home, Youre a dirty taig fenian probable paedo, ira supporting scum wanker, McGobbliegiver stay Home. Read that Phil who ever the fuck your surname is, and fuck off cunt!
  9. Tommy Scott's version is the best of the lot
  10. WTF. Genuine? He'd be first choice at Arsenal like. £8-10m and we're talking.
  11. Go into settings, forum and then you can change it back.
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