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  1. For me every game in Europe has been a bonus and by fe@* I’ve missed these European nights! No matter what happens we are going in the right direction and EVERYONE knows it! # Let’s Go!!
  2. It’s fantastic and you know we are going to get better! I can’t wait for Sunday now !
  3. He said in an interview that it’s set days in a block and he has to attend when they are on and he’ll need to go back next year to finish the course. I think Gary McAllister has all of his badges and that as long as one of the management team has them they’ll be covered.
  4. There is a big difference between identifying targets and picking which players to make a move for and then agreeing contracts etc and I think this is where a lot of people seem to be getting mixed up. Manager wants a left winger. Dof and scouts have already identified targets within our financial reach and fit into the play style culture if our team. Manger is then presented with the list of players and picks who he wants to move for and player B and player C Dof then actually signs the players.
  5. Gerwelly


    I played the BF1 beta (PS4) and really enjoyed but wasn't sure if I would get bored long term but decided get it. Wasn't sure about the new COD until I played the beta over the weekend (multiplayer only) Glad I did as I didn't really enjoy it even once I had levelled up quite a bit. So BF1 for me.
  6. I think he should definitely get this season qualifying for Europe and then next. The journey may be over but the hard work is only just beginning.
  7. There also the Bramlea RSC I think it is in Brampton, not sure how far form you it is but lot's of friendly Bears there. http://www.bramalearangersclub.com/
  8. Excellent video Jules!! Keep em coming!?
  9. Wasn't sure at first but I trust MW 100% and if he wants him then that's good enough for me and for all the things you can say about Joey Barton, you can't say he's not a talented footballer and will enhance the team. For those saying his age is an issue I would ask you to think about how much MW wanted Eustace in the team at 36 years old for his experience as well as his ability then I would say that Barton is above Eustace in all aspects. Even if we don't get Barton I still think we are on the brink of something special.
  10. Yet again another fantastic video Jules. Brilliant keep them coming!
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