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  1. Roofe was booked right after he scored, for his celebration I would guess, are people saying he then received a second yellow after the game ended ?
  2. Bridge building wank, I know where I’d like to stick his brush !!
  3. I would have bought it, but I’m not being blackmailed into buying a live game, so as to keep up my gold member status, they can ram their live game and mygers points up their arse. I will watch a stream, before anyone comes on and tells me I’m doing the club out of money, it’s a sad day, but I don’t give a fuck !!
  4. Probably correct , but there is some amount of shite playing there as well, he’s also playing against teams who are trying to win a game, he wouldn’t get the space to continually go the same way up here, when teams are sitting in with ten men he would be easier to close down. I sound like I’m writing him of, I’m not, he does look a good player, I just think he’s too one footed....if he was to sign, I hope you can come back on here and dig me up about it .
  5. He scuffed one in with his right as well after I watched it again, my point still stands though, makes him far easier to play against , controls with his left, shoots with his left and turns to his left , the fact teams in the video couldn’t read him, just shows how bad the level of football is in the lower English leagues.
  6. Looks a good player, worrying how one footed he is though, don’t think he touched the ball with his right foot that whole video.
  7. The crowd noise was shite last night, same two songs over and aover again, with constant shitty drumming all the way through.
  8. Don’t see how folk see this as a negative for the micks, they will now play these games with any new signings they bring in, plus they could play Aberdeen with fans in the stadium, which gives them home gate revenue they shouldn’t have received.
  9. I give it a month, before the media catch on and realise that our players have all joined another organisation all together...then watch the shit hit the fan ✊😎🇬🇧 It’s a joke by the way, before all the snowflakes on here start another rant.
  10. BlueBeard


    We need the able to see if our points are being added correctly, is this possible ? It certainly doesn’t seem that way talking with my mates in the pub tonight, seems like there is discrepancies everywhere, and that’s mostly among gold members, who don’t have too much gripe, but just know the figures don’t add up.
  11. We are one of the only diddy leagues in Europe that didn’t start up again , most clubs are still competing to actually win a league on the pitch, once they finish their seasons and move players on, I’m pretty sure the bids will come in for Morelos, I would guess we are also waiting on leagues/contracts ending, before we can make any more signings. I agree with you regards the press, they are just trying to unsettle him before the season starts, incase he’s not sold as soon as expected.
  12. Don’t mind moving the wording, but prefer the original with the inner circle.
  13. Said almost exact same thing to my mates yesterday, I will buy My Gers, so I’ve a better chance of cup semi or final tickets, plus Euro away tickets, but as soon as merchandise is included ( as soon as shop is running properly, I’d guess ) I will quickly drop down the points rankings. I’m in my 50’s, with grown up kids, I won’t be running around in the kit, and I don't need matching Broxi curtains and duvet set either , therefore my chance of a travel club ticket wi diminish as well. On plus side, if the proposed bar opens where the shop is, and you get points for a pint, I’m up th
  14. They should start by telling the sfa to ram their Scottish cup semifinal right up their arse.
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