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  1. Remember him driving to one of the away European ties when I went with the Tap shop bus, might have been Cologne or Boavista, can’t remember.
  2. Back in 2011, when we won our last top title at Kilmarnock, I was 46 years old, but I can guarantee anyone, that when we finally clinch our 55th, I will be running about and behaving like I am 16 again ... canny wait 🇬🇧🍾🇬🇧🥳🇬🇧
  3. Ah, so you sell fireworks, it’s no wonder your loaded 🤣🚀🍾🇬🇧🤣
  4. Cheers mate, just fed up reading pish on here.
  5. You never answered my question, so guess it’s not official. I was not splitting hairs,I was asking, because you commented as if you knew the charge and exactly how many were in attendance. Too many people commenting on numbers and names, when they don’t actually know anything other than rumours. I am also raging, at them (whoever they are),being arseholes and that they could have passed on infection to other first team players before the next batch of tests, therefore affecting 55.
  6. So did “they get caught at a house party in a group of 10”, ? or are just saying that because you think that’s what the law is ?
  7. Had a look just now, first thread I open, and a young guy is getting absolutely destroyed, for daring to ask “is anyone heading to Livi or Sharkhead if we can win the league there”, one reply even said he hoped the police shut of George square and Edmiston Drive to stop our fans gathering ...who needs enemies!!
  8. It’s not the Hearts, Falkirk and Partick Thistles that need a change of view, sadly it’s all the other clubs who are in bed with the micks.
  9. BlueBeard


    My Gers is the new cccs, it will be giving away tickets to fans, don’t know where you’re coming from there tbh. I personally would be happy if all tickets went to busses to be distributed, at least they would go to the most deserving, obviously someone who travels everywhere in the car wouldn’t agree though 😂.
  10. BlueBeard


    I’ve said it before, I can go to every game, home, away and in Europe, yet someone who only goes to season ticket home games (no cup games, home or away, until it’s cup final day ! ), can be on more points than me, because they buy merchandise and watch women’s football on the telly, while my money is spent following the team. Someone please explain how that can be classed as a “loyalty “ scheme ?
  11. BlueBeard


    Same here mate. I’m in my 50s, to old to run about with my beer belly hanging out a replica strip, the fact I never miss a game, home or away, obviously doesn’t matter to the club anymore , they would prefer I only went to home games and spent the rest of my money on a new tracksuit, so I can run about like Jimmy fucking Savile.
  12. The daft cunt chucking the barrier would have been as well posting his name n address along wi it, save the time n effort of picking him up 🤣🤣 then again, I’m maybe over estimating wee Nicks storm troopers .
  13. 1- Have you ever been to a Rangers game? 2- tell me the sectarian songs we sing about old battles ? 3-Don’t bother answering, your a dick !!
  14. BlueBeard


    Manchester United fans have sang it for years in Europe and in England, uefa don’t have a problem with the tune. David Murray wanted rid, so said the tune was banned, not uefa.
  15. BlueBeard


    David Murray banned TBB in any form, he wanted it gone, uefa’s problem was fenian blood.
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