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  1. e6a0e545d3e97397d5f8b4f7d5b9fe9b.mp4
  2. They're not the brightest bunch
  3. Love how they make out they want to charge at the players cars,but can't cos the fence is there,but once it's down they hold back anyway while screaming shitebags 😂
  4. 33baccb6e108acd5f5cfa5ff9f3cb29d.mp4
  5. "wash my face" Aye nae bother neil
  6. If lennon goes it'll be glass legs in charge,till after Xmas at least. hopefully by that time we'll be well clear,no cunt will want to take that job until after we've wrapped up the title.
  7. Stubbs rocking the permagrips
  8. 4a5ea50a253c7c8ef7e0478ead6335d4.mp4
  9. "Would you like to apply for universal credit? "
  10. Aye 8 clear,then he can fuck off
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