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  1. What the fuck Windass, how do you not at least make a chance from that?
  2. Midfield sitting too far back. We're showing these cunts too much respect, fucking run at them and fire a few shots in.
  3. Rossiter looks a player, but he runs as though he's about to shite himself.
  4. Foderingham, Wilson and Beerman have been exceptional all game. Miller has been excellent since Dodoo came on.
  5. So Waghorn and Garner should be dropped for Miller and Dodoo next game?
  6. YAAAAASSS KENNY!!!!! Fucking hell, my stream is like a whole minute behind.
  7. Need to clear the ball to Windass and let him drive forward, He's the only guy with enough pace.
  8. Wilson and Fod are having the game of their lives, midfield and forwards need to step up.
  9. About the first I've head of Rooney all game. Credit to the defence for that.
  10. I'd love to see the player stats for this team. Waghorn seems to win a fuckload of tackles for a striker, but doesn't seem to pull off much else.
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