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  1. There was an academic study done around 15 years ago that looked at UK only fanbases.Might have been either Leicester University or Loughborough Uninversity. Man Utd 4.3 Million Liverpool 3.2 Million Arsenal 2.3M Rangers 1.5M Chelsea 1.45M THEM 1.4M Spurs 1.2M Newcastle 1.1M Leeds 850K Aston Villa 800K Man City where around same as Everton below the above. So not including the fairweather fanboys around the globe.
  2. Remember during Big Eck's time seeing Jim in the Club Deck.He was working for us as a scout down south as he had been at Chelsea,I think, prior to this.Calls it as he sees it and decent fair person.Get well Jim.
  3. Looks like a bulked up Ant Middleton...
  4. mabawsa


    RFC Website timing out for me too on the laptop but connects on phone. Server might be down as been no announcement on an upgrade to website this weekend, that I can recollect.
  5. Or get them to fill in the Clyde. Very least divert it!
  6. It was the late Jim McLuskey. Good Stewarton Ayrshire man and there were claims he attended some OO parades in a spectator capacity.He was referee in the NY game we won 3-1,where Cadete goal ruled offside but it was linesman who copped flak for that.
  7. Lodge meeting concluded. Now onto more urgent matters...Burns supper arrangements for the Brothers.
  8. Or Sellick. His track record on penalties is shocking! This is the ref only a few years ago, who 1. apologised to celtic the next day after not giving them two penalties at Ibrox (sure one was on Maloney in the game Kenny Miller put us two up in about 10 mins) 2. Somehow conjured up a penalty in the dying minutes when Stokes ran into Davies in game at Ibrox. If Samaras had scored the title was over , until Big McGregor pulled off his wonder save 3. Gave us a penalty in League Cup Final, only to change his mind 5 seconds later and then book Jelavic for simulation!Thankfully we still won 2-1. 4. them v St Johnstone last year...somehow gave them a penalty for handball from a position you could not see the said handball. Quite baffling the number of oddball decisions he has come up with over the years!
  9. Steven Gerrard? ...he is living in Dowanhill (between Byres Road and Great Western Road). Lives beside G Mac and Lennon is a nearby neighbour. Quite a few live there .
  10. Got mine for North/South Stand Clear View - £30 Adults, £37.00 total I assume either sheep never sold much more or we are getting debentures that weren't taken up. Must be at least 40K bears in attendance this Sunday coming ?
  11. It just gets more hilarious! Manager Derek McInnes suggested that the school holidays may have an effect but reiterated that he wants "as many supporters there as possible because it helps the team".
  12. Don't forget to kick over their grandwean's sandcastle at the same time!
  13. https://www.afc.co.uk/2018/10/18/semi-final-update/ LOL!.....pure riddy to match the colour of their strips! I make it there should be around 36K bears in attendance now.
  14. Most probably pine. Oak also a good choice...
  15. Had me intrigued from his debating point. Wish him well. Good luck ED.
  16. He seems perfectly qualified "the ability to engage the audience with creative storytelling" "You will have endless ideas for creative storytelling techniques to make sure our journalism is unique" Still reports to Richard Wilson, Assistant Editor for BBC Scotland Sport News?
  17. Richard Wilson (decent journalist on BBC Scotland Sport ,came across well and think he is a bluenose) seemed to disappear a few months back. See he is now Assistant Editor for BBC Scotland Sport since April 2018. I assume CMc and Tom English report to him in hierarchical rank. Could he be driving change and bring the parties (RFC and BBC) together again? Just a thought.
  18. Breaking News: SPFL has announced that both games will be on the same day as originally planned. The Rangers vs Aberdeen game will be played at 4am local time in Baku. Rangers will be given 99.9% ticket allocation and expected to pay upfront. Us celtic vs Hearts game will now be played at 3pm at a neutral venue in East Glasgow. Ticket split will be 95/5 in decided by Peter, alphabetical order. This is deemed a satisfactory outcome for all non-notified footballing parties by Mr Doncaster ,Chairman MacLennan and independent review by "are you a Ranger's Fan?" Dermot Desmond. We hope now that everyone can move on from this matter, although it had been noted that only one club from the four semi finalists never made any demands or caused any friction which undoubtedly showed utter contempt to the other parties with a "I'm alright jack" attitude.
  19. Or Arsenal, his local team he went to see with hid auld man!
  20. Rob McLean like Richard Gordon is a sheep fan and seems a tad anti-RFC despite us giving him and RG quite a bit of dosh when they both did the voiceovers for our seasonsl video CDs during the 9IAR era.
  21. I am sure at the time the main driver Bain/Murray that needed him off the books and take a decent fee due to the Lloyds pressure at the time to get the debt down pretty pronto.
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