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  1. Aye really what did he do in the game for you that showed he is a 6 or 7 m player?
  2. Don’t think he had a great game at all today tbh, lost possession lots of times should have played the pass quicker a few times especially the one with airfield lost count the amount of times he ran straight in to his man not his best game at all.
  3. Did one of there players not kick out first half ?
  4. True, always says he's been treated brilliant at Rangers no need to leave.
  5. If someone offered me a draw before kickoff a would have took it 100% after the first 10 mins if someone asked me would you be happy with a draw a would have said am a fuck these tarier bastards are here for the taking !
  6. Can't make the game you selling a ticket then ??
  7. Says they are getting hit with coins at every away ground because fans are getting angry at how well they are doing.
  8. Personally it shows I think he wants the give everything and loved every minute of it just don't think he has ecpericned the diffence between the terriers and Dunfermline yet but he had a great game!
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