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  1. Imagine having a 7 minute long highlight of you scoring worldies. what a player he was what a manager he is 🤟🏻🍻 cheers stevie gee
  2. Thought he wasnt going? Hope he shattered his nose.
  3. Scott allan signs for inverness on loan? Hope he ends up way brora Rangers closest he will ever get to being with Rangers. Absolute turncoat. 🍿
  4. Goram broke the tims hearts every year single handedly. Going on that basis. Goram for me. mcgregor is right behind him though with klos in 3rd. 3 top goalies
  5. Time to start drinking🤪 breakfast been demolished. Party time regardless of result but send it Rangers we still want blood 🥳
  6. Keeper has been throwing himself towards the ball in 50/50s all game wanting colissions for easy free kick. brutal man. This refs been dying to flash cards. Heartbreaking
  7. I thought he was 19 ? 🧐 edit. Quick google search confirms he’s 27 😂
  8. Absolutely mate we have been kicked from pillar to post this is easily the best feeling as a fan. Well proud of this team and the management. Guaranteed legends ❤️⚪️🔵
  9. Bro i called that in match thread am steaming but evein steaming you know how good that is 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻
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