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  1. I wonder how realistic valderammas porno tache will look haha
  2. Brian Laudrup was today named as a FUT legend in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. Cant wait to tank tims with him.
  3. my mate got caught shouting FTP at the albion replay in hamilton and got just a £500 fine. Fucking shocking you get a 5 year ban.
  4. its only 5 a month for me, probably as my sky id doesnt have a subscription
  5. you can also download the sky sports mobile app and use that for £5 a month, gives all sports channels
  6. i thought it was awesome tbh do a lot of wall running, you can pretty much go anywhere on the map which on cod you cant its limited, there's more freedom and more ways to get about its definitely on the right track.
  7. blackthorn come off my away shorts after one wash lol!
  8. Sign ups are LIVE! http://www.titanfall.com/beta
  9. get the league sown up and then concentrate on the Cup. Would love nothing more than to win the Scottish at the girodome!
  10. Buying the one without the optical drive then really confines you to digital downloads, therefore losing the ability to trade in UNLESS MS intro a trade in service for digital downloads.
  11. Division 1 as we've seen over the years is very unpredictable but I feel we can defo go up
  12. atm CEX are giving 35 for it. ive got like £8 on my game card so would only need to add the extra for it
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