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  1. Might take a wee trip to the bookies before the pub at 2
  2. Good luck to that Gutted about Chelsea, they wont score again
  3. Thank you Xavi ! I need Marseille and Porto too now !
  4. some goal by prince. messi winner would do nicely though !
  5. Williamhill mate. Watching the Barca game just now, some game. Barca have been defending terribly. Good luck to you as well but barca got it in the bag
  6. Arsenal, Chelsea, Marseille, Barca, Porto, Valencia. £4 returns £113
  7. My Serie A team ... http://www.ea.com/uk/football/fifa-ultimate-team/show-off#kr3arGVHbbzZq
  8. Got Aguero in a pack, sells for around 100k Also got Schweinsteiger in a pack and sells for about 30/40k
  9. Hopefully in the very near future Goodwillie will be a Bear and therefore 'Bears Den' related.
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