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  1. The next best thing to having Michael O'Neill at Ibrox. Has worked wonders with limited resources with the Northern Ireland nation team as well as countless other clubs. He knows how to set a team up to defend properly and If Jimmy can have us defend a 1 nill lead, then we will win more than we lose. A good appointment in my opinion to help us to a consolidate and build to challenge. Me thinks that G. Murty will be our manager indefinitely untill something goes badly wrong. Sir Walter was an underwhelming appointment and that just turned out fine.
  2. Put his marker down from first the whistle.
  3. The Wee man is excellent, would find space on a sunbed with Gemma Collins. WATP
  4. His magic hat starting to reappear. Hope he's wearing it come Sunday evening with that extra panache. Mw class act from the minute he stepped into the job A fine example of s truly decent human being with s moral compass pointing in the right direction. Watp
  5. Wilson suits the football philosophy of playing from the back although still not the best defender. Clint Hill steady (weir esque) no frills centre back.
  6. Ton up Miller time. Great servant for the club. Congrats Kenny
  7. Clint hill and Wilson best 2 for centre back
  8. My expectations are spot on with what I felt before the season started. We will be very fortunate to finish top 4 with this team. Nowhere near enough investment in the team to compete. This year will be a transition year and a very steep learning curve for our manager who if he doesn't learn that too many attackers in the team mean we can not compete when we don't have the ball.
  9. Wes 6. Not convinced that he is a good keeper. Easily enough beat for first goal, good save from McLean. Very rarely can you say his saves won us points. Tav. 6 offers a little going forward but caught out badly for the goal. Defending is not natural instinct. Weak link in our back 4. Wallace 7 best game for a while, dropping him on Tues night worked. Never gave up. Hill 7 didn't do much wrong and defended well. Left exposed by tav switching off. Wilson 7 was a having a field day with sheep sitting deep, spraying passes all over the place. Blotted his copy book losing header the header to first goal. Him and hill our the best cb pairing we have. Halliday 7 energy and drive In midfield. Lovely pen too. Give everything. Defensive mid is his best position. Holt 6 still finding his fitness but an elusive player hard to pin down, needs to deliver better in final third. Forester 7 an eye for a pass good feet and his efforts and play deserved better. McKay 7 has it all but doesn't use it enough. Struggling to impose himself on games. Waggy 6 frustrating player and very wasteful. Garner 6 wants to fight too much and not clinical, time will tell if weight of Jersey is too much. Niko 4 waste of Money. Kenny 5 always tries hard Moh 5 deserved a starting slot after Tuesday but confidence knocked again. Manager 6 got alot right but needs to realise that possession football doesn't always win games. Not imposing the team enough on final third. Too many attackers means we are very fragile without the ball. Too rigid with his 4 3 3 system and by the time he works out a winning philosophy, it may be too late for him. A real lack of experience of SPL Worse record than Ally McCoist
  10. Wallace inspired me with this. What a humble guy he is.
  11. Our Manger hung the so far under whelming Joey big time out to dry as the only defensive midfielder in team. That coupled with playing him as s centre back when Sendros was red carded, only intensified the pressure on him. Barton has under performed so far and our manger knows it. I would have benched him and took the heat out of the Lego muncher hype. That would have sent a message to Barton that it's the manger who speaks and runs the club and the game was about Rangers and nor him. Playing him as the loan defensive midfielder left him exposed and in truth I felt sorry for him. Hung out to dry with a dodgy central fence. 2 suspect defensive full backs who are more comfortable in attack and the most baffling tactic of all was going to the girodome with 5 attackers in team. Absolute madness. Never in my puff have I seen this except in the Advocat era and he was pumped as well. Counter attacking football is how you set up away from home. Sir Walter had it mastered even tho it was painful to watch but we more often than not come home with the result.
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