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  1. Think his point may have been that you didn’t need to post what you posted in this thread
  2. Seriously think he may have real physiological problems. The way he was acting throughout the game was bizarre. Has anyone in the media picked up on his blatant cheating yet?
  3. I’ve not been this happy since we won the league. What a tough game it was and to come away with 3 points is absolutely brilliant. Cant wait to get into work tomorrow for all the “ah another soft penalty” merchants. Fucken magic Rangers
  4. Who is questioning it? It’s a clear cut penalty and referee is right beside the incident.
  5. Absolutely. He was poor for 70 mins then suddenly took the game by the scruff of the neck for 15 mins with 3 excellent runs resulting in our penalty and win.
  6. That is honestly the most nervous I’ve ever been for a game. Thank god it’s over. It was so scrappy but I’m so proud of the players to get it won. we defended well but couldn’t string 2 passes together. Imagine us getting a penalty, just when we needed it most. Who would have thought it.
  7. I think it’s also crucial that we (If Gio wants to keep them) offer Kent, Aribo and Morelos new deals. If they don’t sign, then sell in the summer.
  8. I think I would like to keep Mcgregor and Arfield around for another season. I’d much prefer to have a proper Rangers presence in the dressing room. If Mcgregor, Arfield and Davis all leave then I don’t really see any others in that dressing room.
  9. With the board stating that they are comfortable with the players contact situation, who would you like to offer new contacts to?
  10. I'm an idiot. But it is a bit misleading. I’ll not make that mistake again. Cheers
  11. Well that’s fucked it. So I’ve given the fat fuck £60. Do Rangers get any money from that? Or is it the bloody 4p to the pound
  12. What difference does that make? Think it was
  13. Can anyone shed some light on this for me or tell me if it has happened to them? I recently bought the Rangers 150 year anniversary top from the Rangers website using a credit card. When reviewing my credit card bill, the transaction went through as sports direct. Does anyone know why this would be? Or has it happened to anyone else?
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