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  1. Sad times. He’s the only guy that thought that
  2. Think he was just having a laugh with mccoist to be fair
  3. I don’t think it will happen. I certainly hope not. I think the red is a bit of an overreaction.
  4. I didn’t say it was funny. I said it was someone having a bit of fun/having a laugh. someone else’s fun doesn’t mean it’ll be fun for everyone. Now turn that frown upside down 👍
  5. It’s someone having fun/a laugh. If you’ve not tried it, I reckon you should. You may even like it
  6. Fuck that. I’m off to watch last nights game again 👍
  7. Alfredo can’t and never will with these clowns. And to be honest he doesn’t need to. Fuck them. Don’t even know why I’m listening to this shite. 😂😂
  8. Nobody has come on and said that. Only the pundits have said it.
  9. All true, but even I he was happy to take a lower wage, he would want multi millions to spend on the squad. Not a chance
  10. These pundits man. Supposed to be professionals/experts and they come out with that pish. Especially Gordon Dalziel. How he gets employed I’ll never know
  11. Say it enough and it becomes fact.
  12. Oh dear Jim you’ve just let yourself down.
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