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  1. 2 hours ago, bluenoz said:

    I have seen so many amateurs from my own playing days to Rangers prospects who had so much potential but can't make it to the next stage. Gerrard will have seen him in training everyday and has come to this conclusion. Sad to see but it is the harsh reality of the trade. At least Jamie Barjonas got to live all of our dreams. Good luck to him.

    In today's game, you must be totally committed. Players like Gerg Docherty have to work so hard to make it and from all reports, Stephen Kelly is very dedicated.

    And then this morning I saw the Jason Cummings video. So much wasted talent and finished at 25.

    He may have been given the opportunity to live our dreams but he wasted it. 

  2. Think both teams are quite even overall. I reckon they are full of runners and very fit, which is why I’m surprised we went with arfield tonight. Especially if the other man in the middle is Davis. Neither are known for there running prowess. 

    It’s just a shame we got the reds as I think we would have thrown everything at it in the last 30 mins.


    Still a great run this season, hopefully something similar to look forward to next season. 

  3. 38 minutes ago, Brackley Bluenose said:

    By the way I don’t actually give a fuck, that’s the best save I’ve ever seen bar none. It’s a bit like the Gordon Banks one from Pele header but Banks didn’t hold it like Shagger. 

    Banks save is very good but there is not a lot of pace in the ball. Whereas tonight the ball Is practically behind him and only inches from the line. I think it’s the best save I’ve ever seen. 

    my top 4 saves are

    1. tonight’s 

    2. Goram vs van hoodwink 

    3. Mcgregor vs Bremen

    4. Mcgregor vs Thumb 

  4. 2 hours ago, Drunk and disorderly. said:

    Goldson scoring a brace against the filth for me.

    They couldn't even manage a shot on target.



    2 hours ago, G.E.C. said:

    When did you start truly believing we could win the league? 

    For me it was winning 1-0 against Kilmarnock away in November. We won at a venue where we really struggled at the previous two seasons and dug in that day. 

  5. 1 hour ago, North Antrim Loyal said:

    John Reid
    Peter Lawwell
    Neil Lennon
    Scott Brown
    Tommy Sheridan
    All Tommy’s Wife’s Swinging Partners
    Jackie Macnamara
    Tommy Boyd
    Mikael Lustig 
    Dermot Desmond
    Neil Doncaster
    Murdoch MacLennan
    John hartson
    Chris Sutton
    Michael Stewart
    Kevin Fae The Briggs
    Laurie fae dennistoun
    Kevin Clancy 
    Leigh Griffiths
    Martin Compston
    Rod Stewart 
    Claire the compliance officer
    Billy Connolly
    Gerrard Butler
    And last but not least every other celtic fan walking the earth. 

    Get it right up every single one of you arrogant bastards. 

    You wanted us dead. You wanted a free run to the ten in a row. You wanted a free hit at the champions league and you wanted to leave us in the gutter as an also ran for the rest of time. 

    Well you well and truly fucked it up. You should have been light years ahead of us. You should have been so far ahead we couldn't compete. You should have been building a team that could compete in Europe while yer B team took care of the league. But you and your ilk were too busy obsessing over resolution 12 and hating Rangers to look at the shit show your own club was turning into. You had every advantage you could ever want and yet here we are. It started with you winning a title when your closest rival goes into admin and has 10 points deducted, followed by 4 years of your only realistic competition being In the lower leagues. You then had to play with a Rangers team starting from scratch each of the next 3 seasons because of poor management from Rangers. You basically got to 8 in a row by default then got gifted title 8 and 3 quarters after a zoom call following some dodgy email conversations. 

    From being so far ahead of Rangers that we supposedly needed to spend 100 million to get anywhere close. From 10 in a row being a formality and 20 in a row being more likely. From having 10s of millions in the bank and a playing squad with sellable high value assets throughout to being on the brink of a full squad needing replaced because none of your main players want to be there and you're not getting the mega money you thought you would. From tieing scarves to goalposts at ibrox because you could scud teams filled with dogshit like Rob kieran and Jason holt, to getting beat at home without getting a shot on target then getting beat at ibrox when Rangers never got a shot on target. How the mighty have fallen and the sad thing is none of you seen it coming. (can ye see the Rangers coming now) 

    So filled with misplaced arrogance and over confidence in your own over rated squad that you could never conceive that Rangers could win the league. But while your club was away spunking 5 million transfers on dugmeat like ajeti and barkas et al the Rangers team was being put together with minimal fuss. While celtic were getting swatted aside at home to ferencvaros Rangers were beating Galatasaray. While celtic were Conceding hat tricks to Czech electricians, Rangers were topping their group going unbeaten. While you were signing loans for game changing internationals like big Shane Duffy and the wee lassie fae benidorm we were signing free transfers in Balogun and Bassey. While your squad were away on a jolly getting pished in dubai and breaking all the covid guidelines Rangers were back at home keeping safe and keeping on winning. 

    Well to paraphrase what Ally said a few years ago. I hope you've had a right good kick at us and enjoyed yourselves because now we're fucking back where we belong. We're on top as champions and you're all back where you belong as well, In our shadow. 

    55 and counting, we welcome the chase.

    And we can beat them, forever and ever 

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  6. 48 minutes ago, Sket said:

    I've slated them all. I've wanted them all gone at various points.


    I'm absolutely delighted to be wrong. Words rammed right down my throat.


    This is what its all about. We are the fucking Champions,these men and more are now cemented in Ibrox history.


    Legends to a man.

    Learn from it and don’t do it again 

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