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  1. fair enough. i just think walter smith has done alot to help with our present situation by winning the titles and in europe. i think the money issues have been caused by folk higher up the chain.
  2. on the players mentioned i reckon they cost around £3m or so in transfer fees. wages i wouldn't know. some were only stop gap players or players (dailly) others back up {smith) some were unfortunate with injuries (webster velicka) the rest i agree poor. as for edu and lafferty they are key first team players who have been part of the squad who have won 2 titles in a row and champions league runs so to call them mistakes is unproven imo. i would also guess that rangers have brought in at least £25/30m in fees over the same 4 years. that kounas game. yes your right it was a disaster.
  3. most of the money smith has spent has been raised through player sales. also he is the manager who won 2 league titles in a row. and champions league football.(more money) also he is the manager who got us to uefa cup final. (more money) if you are thinking of the few deals where you feel he has over spent on a player or the deal just hasn't worked out (and theres not many) i'm afraid thats bound to happen to all managers at some point. you can't be spot on all the time.
  4. he is our manager. we must show a togetherness both on the park, in the stands, in the media and also even on forums. we must support every last bit of this great club to win this league. they need us more than ever.
  5. fair enough. but for what its worth i disagree
  6. no danger. its not my fault i'm stuck in coatbridge fighting the good fight. gees a break man.
  7. so you can't in anyway see how that video might make our fans and club bad? just with the footage on show?
  8. our fans can be there own worst enemy sometimes. out of order
  9. i would love that, but do you really think our squad is big enough?
  10. Because our squad is too small to cope with so many games as it was in 2008. Also i'm saying we'll win the league cup. i just don't think we can win 14 league games in a row, plus the scottish cup games, plus the europa league games. its a big ask imo.
  11. I think in order to win the league we must get put out of both the Europa league and the Scottish cup to win the league. I know it would hard to take to lose to them in the Scottish cup, but i feel we just don't have a big enough squad to carry us to end of the season in all competition. We have a squad of around 16 players {not including youths, which Walter is reluctant to pick) which just isn't enough to see it through in all comps. So i believe going out of the euro and Scottish cup would help us win the league. And of course win the league cup. Would love to win it all but 2008 may show
  12. i'm not saying i don't agree with some of the stuff mentioned but, i don't agree with the way its being said.
  13. is there really a need for all the name calling on here? these guys your calling this and that are trying to do there best for the club, i know fully how frustrating it can be but the name calling is out of order. by all means have opinions but not sure the name calling is necessary. in short telling walter smith to 'f' off is out of order. he's done to much for the club for that kind of talk
  14. i'd go for- Mcgregor © Bougherra Bartley Whittaker Wylde Davis Ness Weiss Diouf Jelevic Naismith
  15. i feel some sympathy with edu. there is no way he is a def mid. why we use him in this role is beyond me. i don't think this type of mid is needed. its only needed because we are to slow at cb. to ask edu (a decent box to box midfielder) to play the holding role is unfair. if we could take the shackles off whittaker and allow him to do what he's good at, which is attacking then the whole balance of the team would be better. the only way to do that is to drop weir and play a quicker cb. if you look at the modern game and indeed the past 20 years, attacking full backs are crucial. alves, glen
  16. fair point there. but who would you have instead? i don't think there are to many out there
  17. the thing about mccoist is that throughout his career he has been the luckiest, most fortunate, jammyest bastard in the world of football. everything he has touched has turned to gold. maybe this is something that is just meant to be. and just what we need.
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