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  1. There is no need to be patronising. I’d just prefer to see it as the ball was played onto the bar. and I’ll say it again, it’s no big deal 👍
  2. I do see that he looks offside, but just wanted to see it as the ball hits the defender. I thought at the time he could have been off. As I said though it’s not a big deal 👍
  3. I’d like to see where Hagi is as the ball is headed towards goal. But to be honest it’s not that big a deal. I just haven’t clearly seen his position at that moment. Cheers
  4. I still haven’t seen a clear picture of it. That’s all. Until I do then it’s inconclusive
  5. I’m still not so sure Hagi is in an offside position when Roofe heads it. That angles I’ve seen have been inconclusive. Is there any footage across the line?
  6. Think he had a fine performance. Not really tested to much but was strong in the air. On a side note St. Mirren were embarrassing with the way they played.. 11 players playing between there goal line and 30 yards out, with no pressure on the ball until the opponent is within that 30 yards. This is not football imo. Thankfully they never got away with it.
  7. Really harsh. Did well and STILL not lost a competitive goal when he’s played. no bad
  8. I just wanted to know if the guy had played at left back before
  9. To be honest I agree with most of this. His form has been nowhere near as good as last season. im sure he’ll get back to that level soon
  10. Ojo for me. The option for both was never there.
  11. To think we could have had Mcinnes Jesus Christ the thought of it
  12. Not sure if mentioned before but has he ever played left back ? With Barasic in and out of the team Halliday not the greatest defensively and Jon Flanagan struggles on the left foot and inconsistent defensively. Could the big man be given a shot there?
  13. Think you’ve misunderstood what our tactical approach is. Arfield is doing exactly what the manager asks of him. Ojo also. And Greg Stewart will be the same. we usually play one out and out winger on one side and more of an inside forward , with a striker through the middle. Been an this way for a while now
  14. Should have been sent off tonight. Could have cost us. Reason - he plays for us....... Top keeper
  15. Think you just made an arse of that
  16. Yes updated user name. It works on my phone but not iPad. thanks for the replies.
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