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  1. Think my iPad is out of date. No update is available as Apple have discontinued updates for my version as they see it it as to old. fucken scumbags. Money grabbing bastards. cheers for the help 👍
  2. I'm trying to watch Rangers v Kilmarnock from the other night but video will not play. And all other videos will not work. has anyone else had this problem or know what may be wrong with it. Any help would be great
  3. Goalkeepers have every right to protect themselves, especially diving at the feet of attackers. Every goalkeeper in the world would do exactly what was done here.. Be interesting to see the football over the weekend and if any similar incidents occur will the same action be taken?
  4. I don't think he has enough quality when it counts against tougher teams. I do like him, and he does have some really good moments but for me overall I think he is lacking a bit of quality
  5. I reckon both of them are OK for back up. I'd have got rid of whoever was most expensive in wages and who we would get most money for. So I'd have sold wes, but interest in him seems to have been lacking.
  6. I agree with you on the second part of your comment
  7. I think it's good to have a mix of styles as it keeps the opposition guessing. Warburtons style was all one way of playing, which was great to watch at first, but with teams slowly seeing that it was the only way we played, they soon had our cards marked (so to speak).
  8. Don't think I agree to this. could you qualify your statement please
  9. He is a very good player for us, also hardly misses a game. i had doubts about him being captain, but now feel he is growing strongly into the captains role. I think it's very harsh to say he can't defend but this is what the media continue to throw down our throats (especially radio pundits) and unfortunately a few fans also state this. It seems imo that say something enough times then more and more people believe it to be true. Yes he has made a few mistakes but who hasn't? He is far from a bad defender.
  10. Yes I think you make a valid point. I reckon the longer we are in Europe the less likely we are to win the league this season.
  11. Just on my way home from the hospital and some guy just shouted orange bastard at me. wow quite easy that.
  12. I would rather all games were on Rangers Tv. Fuck all the TV companies. How many subscribers does Rangers TV have at the moment? and how many might it have if all games were on live say at around £10 per month. im sure it would make a lot more money than what pish we get handed out from the league as part of the TV deal
  13. I in fully aware it was a throwaway comment, but my point is still valid
  14. Think you have missed the point. Don't have an issue with anything we sing. Point is just because you sing the sash doesn't make you a bear?
  15. Good one, very original. Just say you cant explain. Cheers
  16. Hi, sorry I am aware this isn't for this kind of stuff but does anyone have a cough for tonight's fight?
  17. Love the way we are playing, with the 4411. every player seems to be enjoying it and working really hard both on and off the ball.
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