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  1. Good one, very original. Just say you cant explain. Cheers
  2. Thank you Johnny you're my favourite customer
  3. Hi, sorry I am aware this isn't for this kind of stuff but does anyone have a cough for tonight's fight?
  4. Love the way we are playing, with the 4411. every player seems to be enjoying it and working really hard both on and off the ball.
  5. Again true, but if you look back to when Walter took over, his first few games weren't exactly breathtaking. I remember us struggling to beat Dundee United, St Mirren and getting pumped 3-0 by Motherwell. I just think it would be better overall keeping Murty on and holding a bit of continuity, rather than going through another potential settling in period and possibly making a lot of changes in January/summer. I also believe Murty has his finger on the pulse in terms of who is coming through at development level and is not scared to give them a chance
  6. True but for me it's a bit different as murty has shown he has tactical knowledge and has also been able to get the best out of the team, more often than not. Mccoist hadn't shown anything in terms of being a stand alone manager, before being given the job
  7. I would give Murty the chance. When Souness left we gave an opportunity to Walter Smith, and even though these are different times, at the same time it's very similar. I think this is an is deal time for him to get the top job.
  8. Not quite what he said tonight, but why let the truth get in the way of a good story
  9. What makes them too similar? For me they are very different types of player. Jack was excellent today and thought Dorrans had a very good 2nd half. But poor in the 1st. i really don't see them being similar at all.
  10. I would like to see us play 3 at the back. With Tav and Wallace wide. Jack and Dorrans middle. With Morelos up top and candyass and a new signing playing in a narrow front three. Kenny clearly should be sub at best. Nico just doesn't have the style of play we need. If windass plays then he should be played up top with Morelos or Herrera. Between now and the deadline it is critical that a good left winger is brought in.
  11. Does Rtv work on iPad for one off game when outside Britain?
  12. Hope someone an help here. i am currently on holiday in Lanzarote and was going to purchase the game on RTV to watch on iPad. Does anyone know if this will work? The information on the website appears to be contradictive on it working or not. hope you can help. cheers
  13. These guys should be at training. It's still daylight ffs. Imposters the lot of them. Get them tae fuck
  14. I still reckon he should be moved into a 3 man back line. He has lost a fair bit of pace and struggles to get back in position quickly. Cardozo, Alves, Wallace/Wilson would be decent. Tav/Candias, Jack/Rossiter, Holt/Pena, Walker/Mclean Niko/Dorrans Morelos, Hererra If we get our transfer targets of course
  15. I'm not so sure it's fair to blame it all on 'kids' tbh. From where I was sitting it looked like a mixed age group. Im sure it will be a warning on future conduct as it was hardly the crime of the century.
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