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  1. Looking forward to seeing them all. But reserve judgement until I've done that. when is our 1st pre season game, or will our 1st game be the qualifiers
  2. I don't agree with the last bit. Or really understand why you think this.
  3. From the young players on show in the last few weeks, who do you think will be good enough to be part of the squad next season? If any
  4. I reckon McKay, on his day is very good. But all to often he is not on his day. He lacks the touch of arrogance to be a top level player. the question is can he find that with the more experience he gains? He has after all only played one full season in the top league. I think he may be worth an extra year deal and if he hasn't improved then flog him.
  5. Windass played well today. Missed him when he was off. Good runs were made throughout.
  6. Get him played in the centre attacking mid
  7. Sack Penny Arcade, PA system is way to loud so turn down. Get B. McKay played in the centre attacking midfield. Bring back Broxis family
  8. Here is my season ticket RFC Season Ticket East Enclosure Row L Seat 26
  9. I also think Wilson is really coming onto a game. Looking after Bates very well
  10. For me the best 3 players today were Holt Beerman Waghorn
  11. Has the team for the Aberdeen game been announced yet? ?
  12. It's good that we are going with players in the correct positions and not trying to shoehorn more experienced players into unfamiliar roles.
  13. I understand what you are saying, but with those changes we did win the 2nd half. Maybe. If we started with that team we would have won both ?
  14. Disgraceful comments. You should be ashamed of yourself. But I doubt you will be.
  15. Would anyone take Ian Durrant for the role?
  16. Why is McKay not on the list for YP? is he over aged now?
  17. I'd think this job would be ideal for maybe Ian Ferguson. Not sure if he is still in Oz coaching/manager. but he is certainly a guy who would tick a few of the boxes and certainly has vast experience of being a winner at Rangers.
  18. I'd like him to stay. I reckon if he is played through the middle with a good finisher he can be an excellent foil for someone who is a goal getter
  19. Does anyone know of a way to watch today's full match again?
  20. ? we I've done my analysis on them. There right winger is shit hot and they play no one on the left ? Oh and they don't shoot
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