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  1. I agree, but my point is it's to early to pass final judgement just yet. Good or bad
  2. How many games do you give the squad before giving you're final judgement on the squad? i think after 10/12 league games is a decent amount of time to see if this squad is good enough to win the league and move us forward in the future. I know a few folk have already passed their judgements on certain players, but for me it's far too early for that. The squad needs a little time to settle and to get used to playing proper competitive games week in week out, for the full 90 mins. i'll not judge it until the 1st quarter of the league season is complete.
  3. He was good in the air and put in a few good tackles.
  4. Thought he was ok today. Still too early to write him off.
  5. Big Rob was good today. Don't think he did much wrong and did a lot good. Hill was also decent. Very good in the air. Won almost every high ball. The main problem today was midfield. Lacking pace and not direct enough.
  6. I like Rob Kiernan, think he is decent
  7. He is doing his best and it's been good enough so far. I guess time will tell if it's good enough in the longer term.
  8. Depends on your definition of decent really
  9. He's decent and most of the people know it.
  10. The Rob Kiernan bashing is out of order IMO. I am really disappointed in certain supporters the lambast an honest player doing his best for our club. Yes he has had some poor games, but also many good performances. For me he does not deserve the level of criticism he gets. When any footballer plays for our club, giving his all and doing his best, I'll always give them my 100% support. If it turns out he or any other player is not good enough, that is for the manager to decide. It's what he gets paid good money to do. Also on reading other thread on this forum where y
  11. Does anyone know where I could purchase those blue and white callaway golf balls? had a look at the callaway site, but only found red and white. Any info would be greatly appreciated. cheers
  12. He was a top manager and if it wasn't for him we would never have seen players like Numan, Van Bronkhorst, De Boer who all loved playing under him. Also we Barry loved him. The only ones who had a real issue with him were Amo and Albertz.
  13. It's Joey Barton day tomorrow, woohoo
  14. Someone who learns pitch geography very quickly
  15. Not for the 1st time I'm sure ?
  16. I seriously want this to happen. Surely no one could have a problem with it. Is the money still in the Rangers Fund? I vote for this to happen ??????????????
  17. How amazing would it be if the seats in the Broomloan were actually like that permanently. Can we make this happen? I'd fucken love it
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