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  1. He was a top manager and if it wasn't for him we would never have seen players like Numan, Van Bronkhorst, De Boer who all loved playing under him. Also we Barry loved him. The only ones who had a real issue with him were Amo and Albertz.
  2. It's Joey Barton day tomorrow, woohoo
  3. Someone who learns pitch geography very quickly
  4. Not for the 1st time I'm sure ?
  5. I seriously want this to happen. Surely no one could have a problem with it. Is the money still in the Rangers Fund? I vote for this to happen ??????????????
  6. How amazing would it be if the seats in the Broomloan were actually like that permanently. Can we make this happen? I'd fucken love it
  7. Cheers pal wasn't sure on that one
  8. He was signed in 1999 mate, on loan from Everton
  9. Was Thomas Myre (spelling) not a 9 in a row keeper??
  10. I understand that. That's why I said just say they sold half the stadium. Change st Johnstone to hibs then..
  11. If we got to the semi final next season and played St Johnstone with a 50/50 split in tickets and won that match, then went on to play tims in the final. Would the club do the same thing in the ballot? i know st Johnstone might not sell all tickets, but just say they did..
  12. The spine of our team is what needs strengthening, but if we do what you suggest and sell Wilson, Kiernan and Foderingham that would be us losing any continuity we have at the moment. Basically meaning instead of needing 3 new players for the spine of the team we'd need 6. And that's just for the spine of the team.
  13. Ok, slight side note on Rob and Danny i feel they can both cut it at Rangers. Both players are only 23 years old and still learning. Defenders don't hit there peak until 27ish. They have shown in plenty of games how good they can be and also showed they are still making odd mistakes in which they have to learn from. imo they have the potential to be excellent centre backs for the club. My hope is they are given the time they need to realise the potential.
  14. Unless centre back was there natural position, he would play them at right back
  15. I'd go with Holt, McKay, Halliday Waghorn, Miller, Templeton
  16. In 1938 it was a lower league cup final, so ma dad says. East Fife won it
  17. Ah shit. Knew I did something daft last night. Ah well fuck it, WATP
  18. C'mon the Rangers. My love for this great club has been going on for 38 years. Through the good times and the bad, it will never leave me. Come Sunday we have the opportunity proudly march into battle with our deadliest enemy and I for one am ready. The manager is ready, the players are ready and possibly most importantly the fans are ready. After the years of poor/shit football we now have a team we believe in, one we can be proud of and one who can deliver what us, the fans deserve. I may well be a wee bit drunk, but I love this club and like the rest of us will do until th
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