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  1. Make sure every box marked with an * is filled in. For me it was my county I needed to add into it.
  2. I've been allocated a ticket and mines doesn't show that i've signed up to aways in amend cccs. I don't think it shows up on anyones.
  3. View it on a laptop/PC and you'll be able to view the section in detail.
  4. I'll take it if the first sale doesn't go through mate
  5. No some areas it's EEE and others it's FFF.
  6. Sorry I don't have a spare mate
  7. Looking for one ticket for Hibs away. Missed out on one from the bus. Will be traveling up regardless. So could meet up at the ground or could meet at Hampden this weekend for it. Cheers
  8. My mate was in picking up tickets this morning. One of the staff said they couldn't say 100% there wouldn't be a 3rd ballot, but it would be very unlikely. All remaining tickets will be bought up by those drew out in the second ballot.
  9. He's 18 and the fans getting on his back is affecting him, could see it a mile a way. the gaffer needs to take him out the firing line for a game or two. Then tell him to keep it simple, pass and move. Don't try to carry the ball and loss it like he did a few times today. The situation kind of reminds me of Edu in his last couple of seasons with us. Crowd on his back because of some bad performances and that fucked up his confidence. Vicious circle.
  10. Pish. He was he on the bench for both playoff games at Ibrox against Hivs and Motherwell.
  11. Got one. So only looking for the one ticket now.
  12. Looking for two Morton tickets. Can meet before the game or come pick them up. Cheers
  13. He played well for Hearts last year, I don't know if its having to do it all again to get back to the top division is affecting his motivation. But I know what you mean about decision making. First half today he swept up a through ball on the left touchline and instead of playing a simple 10 yard pass to McKay he carried the ball an extra few yards and ran into trouble. Think he might be trying to hard to impress. I think he will come good next season after promotion though.
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