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  1. His past two performances have been fine. He still doesn't look like a player who will be a significant upgrade to our starting 11 which is what we needed in the summer, but he's been decent.
  2. Hagi is on another level to any of our players on current form. The first 11 needs to be built to accommodate him for the moment.
  3. Playing fine until we hit their box again and then every single player just crumbles.
  4. That would've been some goal. Everything perfect until the finish
  5. I'm quite worried about the future if I'm honest. I'll admit that accounts isn't my thing and there will be plenty of posters on here who know a lot more about it than I do, but I know this isn't sustainable.
  6. Our accounts are going to make the mhanks look like they're Jeff Bezos. Anyone thinking otherwise is kidding themselves on. The fallout of not winning the league this year is unthinkable.
  7. Our saving grace is that they're worse than us. If they hit a purple patch and we don't wake up we'll be in trouble.
  8. We've got absolutely no teeth. This game would have been done if we were ruthless.
  9. Has he even played 90 minutes in total for us yet? Impossible to cast a judgement.
  10. I still think its daft to entwine politics and football, but the past few weeks have shown that there can be little doubt that if you vote SNP then you're voting for a party who do hate Rangers and whose followers despise you fot it. You're also voting for monumental incompetence and are possibly part of a cult which is more important, really.
  11. This nonsense needs to stop. If they're an average side then we're a poor side because they're clearly a class above us.
  12. Right, but our player giving the ball away on the half way line still leaves a team, or player, lots to do before they score. I dont understand why that doesn't make it a good goal. Teams turn over possession all the time; capitalising on that is part of the game.
  13. We turned over possession on the half way line. Are you basically putting the parameters for a good goal as narrow as the opposition starting a move from a dead ball?
  14. So can a good goal only ever come from the opposition starting in a dead ball position?
  15. The first goal tonight is a very good goal. Yes, Kent loses possession, but the boy still has plenty to do before he puts it away.
  16. I agree with this. I think it feels like we were outclassed because it also feels like they weren't really trying either.
  17. First half I agree, the second half they have looked a class above us. They were always going to finish top of the group anyway.
  18. Roofe our best player tonight and been on the park for 5 minutes.
  19. This has a similar feel to the Leverkusen game; we're playing a team who are just a level above us and who aren't really getting out of second gear but are dealing with us fairly easily.
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